Saturday, January 14, 2012

Until next year...and a GBP Cookbook Winner!

Hello there Ladies!

Happy Belated New Year (wow-that has a weird ring to it)!   
I hope you all had a Wonderful CHRISTmas!  We had such a nice Christmas Day, spent with family, I just wish it all didn't fly by so quickly!

I know this post has taken way to long to get up but if you could see my one handed typing right now you may understand why, lol.   Long story short...New camera for Dee....and no pictures to show for it!

I am now in the process of reading the manual for new (long awaited) camera Santa brought me After shooting 1,235 pictures on Christmas and accidentally deleting them.....mmmmhmmmm.  Hence the lack of pictures for this post.....:(

I received a lovely (and high tech) camera this year.  I have ooohhed and ahhhhed over this camera for a VERY long time...and sure did a LOT of saving for said camera...for a long time....just to explain what a treat it was to receive it.  So funny, I don't think a diamond ring would have gotten the same reaction that this camera received....but then again, I'm not a a Fancy Schmancy jewelry person anyway.

I was definitely moving up in the world of photography....sheer excitement...oh the possibilities!  Then poof...all gone....just like that.

I was snapping Christmas pictures up left and one could move without me chasing them with the new camera. 

See the tree?....SNAP  Opening gifts?.....SNAP!  Playing with new toys?.....SNAP!    Oh, Christmas Ham done?....SNAPEating?.....SNAP!       Sneezing?.....SNAP!    OOOOH, WHAT DOES THIS BUTTON DO? more picture pleease!

Oh, wait, Eating again?.....SNAP!    
Blowing your nose?......SNAP!   Napping?......SNAP!

Oh, Whats that?  You're trying to eat?  
Okay, great honey, now can you retake that bite so I can capture that picture would ya?...SNAP!!!

They were good sports for a while but I SNAPPED until they almost SNAPPED, lol......
then I got a hold of myself.

I now know that what I should have been doing instead of chasing family members for photos was taking the time to read the owners manual....BECAUSE.....
If I had.......
I would have known that the top button deleted ALL of the pictures not just the one bad one....
Oh, boy!
I would still have all of those awesome pictures to show all of you
sniffle, sniffle.....

So if your still following me here you now know that all of my photos are gone....
that's right, all gone! 

My baby opening his gifts...gone.
The look of surprise on their faces.....gone.
The excitement that was gone

It's so sad it's almost funny ...almost.

So my New Year's Resolutions for 2012 are:

Taking it slower...not rushing into everything just to get it done.
Enjoying the process more.
Even if it means waiting and reading the manual.

Also to start taking time for myself to do more of what I would like.
Is it terrible to tell you that I would like to say No more in 2012?
Saying No more and Yes only to the things with the greatest payoff?Things that will really matter to others, and things that are truly important to me or my family.
That should help with Patience right?
It won't be easy...I used to say YES a lot!

I also want to make the time to

learn a few new things too, like how to really use this camera and all of the functions.

So, what are your 2012 Resolutions?
Have you been able to keep them up thus far?

Now onto better things.....

The GBP Rush Hour Recipes Cookbook Giveaway!

I have to say that I THOROUGHLY enjoyed each and every Christmas memory shared.....THANK YOU ALL FOR TAKING THE TIME TO DO THAT it truly was a treat!

So many memories you all have with your families, matching homemade flannel night gowns, holiday candy making, families decorating trees and baking cookies....many spent with loving Grandparents, cousins, and other special people in your lives, many of you who now hold their precious memory in your hearts.

Favorite childhood gifts...(I too LOVED my Easybake oven and baked many cakes for my daddy that Christmas).  Daughters coming home unexpectedly (that must have been the best Christmas gift, Joni).  Hiking in the snow, homemade gifts and cookies.  Patty Hart what a neat tradition...the Surprise you must have had when finally seeing that tree!  Stringing popcorn on your family precious!

Thank you for sharing your was such a gift for me to read all of them!  I couldn't choose any one story that was better than the others, in my opinion each and everyone of your stories was very special and so I let my daughter choose a number from the hat, foolproof and fair.   

Here is our winner.....Judy, please contact me with a comment, as to the best way to get your shipping information and congratulations on your win, you will really like this cookbook, I'm sure!              Dec 29, 2011 09:54 AM
There are so many special Christmas memories to choose from since many of my family are no longer here, but the most magical was the Christmas that I became pregnant with my now 5-yr. old son. Oh it wasn't official - I hadn't taken a test...but I'll never forget Christmas Eve church services, standing before the altar, listening to the heavenly choir and a little feeling...something that just told me to lay a hand on my belly and I knew!!! Just a week later I took a test that confirmed the good news! I'll never forget that moment of feeling a magical secret within - and feeling more connected than ever to the Christmas story of Jesus' birth :)

If you haven't had the chance yet, try to read through the giveaway comments...they are all so heart warming!  I'll be back soon....Stay warm and Take care!


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