Sunday, May 1, 2011

A May Day Winner

Hello Dear Ladies,

Happy May Day!  Spring has arrived and the trees are unfolding, the flowers a bloomin' and green color is sprouting up everywhere!  I just love the fresh start of spring, when everything is new and reborn.  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  I have some photos to share now that I have my computer back, I'll post them in a few days, (better late then never right?). 

I was searching online for a few simple ideas to celebrate May Day and came across these pretty and easy door knob bouquets from Martha and thought I would share....  Click this link if you're interested in making them. 

Thank you to all of you who took the time to comment and enter this giveaway, and especially those of you who posted about it on your blogs!  My computer has been sick for the past two weeks so I've been working from my lil' notebook.  They are small and compact and get the job done...but I nearly go blind trying to read from those tiny lil' puters, lol. 

Last night, I mosied on over to to find out who would be the winner of the Quick and Easy Autumn Cookbook giveaway and so I am told the winner was comment number 90

Geesh, it sure would be so much easier if we could automatically number our comments wouldn't it?  If there already is a way to do this, please fill me in folks.  It is a little time consuming to count out 90 comments and then recount to make sure you are absolutely correct!  After doing this twice it finally occurred to me (in all my chaos) that it would be quicker to count backwards from 105 to 90, ummm, hello~lightbulb~! 

Well I want to congratulate Joy on winning, I am sure she will be so pleased with this cookbook!    Thank you for commenting and posting about the giveaway on your blog Joy.  Stop on by Joy's blog, Books and Life , and say hello. 

For those of you who entered here and love GPB.....don't get discouraged!  I just received two more cookbooks for review from Gooseberry Patch the other day.  So I will be posting two more giveaways for brand spankin' new cookbooks not yet released!  So stop back in a few days, you are really going to love them.   

I'm so happy so many of  you liked the FHCS Facebook page.  I plan on having some fun with that in the near future (surprise)!  It will be so much easier to keep in touch between blog posts and see what a lot of you are up to in the meantime! 

I'll be back in a few days, we have some catchin' up to do! But before I go...tell me....what spring plans do you have?  A vegetable garden, a new flower bed, maybe building a potting shed, or finishing up a your spring cleaning?  Anything interesting?  Leave a comment and please share!  Happy Spring!

Take care gals,

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