Monday, October 31, 2011

Wholesome Halloween

We usually do a fun and cute Halloween, every now and then we make it a little scary (for my older children) but for the most part we keep it fun.

We put out the jack-o-lanterns.....

Throw around a few pumpkins....

Add a few bales of hay and a cornstalk or two......

Make the entry festive.....

with a wreath hung upon the front door.......

Colorful mums fresh from the farm

Pumpkins tumble onto the porch from an antique crate....

The beauty that shimmers in the yellow afternoons of October....
who could ever clutch it?
Ralph Waldo Emerson

My family headed to the cornfields to pick a few of those perfect pumpkins...on a beautiful October afternoon. 

It is a fine art...picking out the perfect pumpkin....

Just when you thought you had the perfect pumpkin......another one is spotted...hiding....
The kids can never make up their minds, they select carefully.  They take their time.

 The perfect afternoon to go on a pumpkin hunt turned into the perfect afternoon to snap some photos....


PUMPKINS anyone?

The inside is all decked out in it's fall finery too...maybe .more to come.?

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Take care!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ahoy Me hearties.....It's A Pirate Party

My lil' man had a Pirate Birthday Party a few weeks ago to celebrate with friends and family.
If you've been reading my blog for sometime now you then y'all know that I love to
throw my children a nice birthday party. 
This is fun for me, I get to be creative and please them.
Make it memorable for them.

I keep their parties to a reasonable budget each year. 
A budget that comes in way below the cost of a
"store bought" party....with a little creativity and smart shopping for bargains I can spread party dollars a long way.  

This party started with a recent pirate obsession of his.  When I asked him what kind of party he wanted, he was sure a pirate party was in order.  A  halloween costume started the ball rolling for him.
He's at a stage where he enjoys dressing up for make-believe.  It's a magical time for a child, when their imagination alone can keep them busy.

I made the invitations on the computer on parchment looking cardstock and then we burned the edges to make it look old....rolled them like scrolls and tied them with jute twine and sent them out to his guests.

I headed to my local craft store (with a 40% off coupon in hand) and picked up an unfinished pine trunk.

Which I began to sand, paint, distress, seal, and finally (the fun part) embellish.  The stain was left over from an old project, the ribbon 40% off, the thumbtacks, (or nail heads if you will) from the dollar store.  The hardware cost $3 total, handles and latch.
Until it eventually looked like this:

A few party goods from local stores....each package costing under a dollar.  Red straws marked down to .25 cents a pack left over from July 4th sales...Yippee...I love me a good bargain!
A few party decorations I made on the cricut and computer....

  Signs for the food and favor tables...
I then tied cordinating ribbon around black candlesticks.....

The treasure chest was filled with book party favors and topped off with "jewels"...  The pirate ship did double duty as a decoration and it was also his present.  A creepy skull picked up from Michaels crafts in the halloween isle for authentic pirate-ness.

The craft table was laid out with a length of drawing paper as a runner and I drew a treasure map on it....which the kids added to while waiting for more party guests.  The polka-dot boxes held party dress up goods. 

As they arrived each guest got an eye patch, hoop earing, bandana, and a make-up beard or mustache finished with a pirate tatoo.  When they were through transforming they decorated paper swords.

Even the swingset was decorated...this became his ship when we added a mast..but the wind soon spun it around, hence the reason it is a bit crooked in the photo.  Pirate flags were made on 12x12 scrapbooking paper with the cricut.  A template can also be made on the computer instead and you and have your birthday child cut it out with you in advance.

The food was laid out in the dining room to avoid the outdoor bugs.  Those treasure chests held a small sub sandwhich and bag of gold fish for each child. They helped themselves to some "Grog" aka rootbeer or shark infested punch.

The foods were given unique pirate themed names....cheeseballs became fiery cannon balls, doritos were ships sails, and baby carrots became peg legs to make it all more interesting and appealing for the kids.  It's amazing what a child will eat when you give it a unique name. 

They played games like pirate tug of war, captain says, and Walk the plank in the pool.

Black balloons were filled with water for cannon balls.  The kids got into teams and tossed them back and forth until they were the last one standing with a cannon ball.  The adults joined in that one too.

When it came time, everyone piled inside for cake and .they giggled as they arrrghed their way through the Happy Birthday song, the kids lips turned blue as can be from the cupcake icing......

Pirates and a pirate ship paper cutouts were placed on the cake to dress it up a bit...
In the bottom of the treasure chest was a copy of the book Treasure Island for each child who could read.

They were each told that books should be treasured along with their
childhood imaginations.....
So when all was said and done this lil' guy of mine...

Had a great birthday celebration.  He told me it was his best birthday we'll see about next year!

I hope you are all well.  I'm still pressed for free time but I have a few new autumn  posts almost ready, just waiting for a few finishing touches.
Be back soon!

Take care,

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