Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday my girl....

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.  A very special day for you today because becoming a teenager is such a big milestone.  

I simply cannot believe how fast the years have flown by already.  It seems only yesterday you were playing with dolls and having tea parties, now a young lady.  You have always been a pleasure to have as a daughter.  I am so grateful you are mine.  Easy going, kind hearted, honest, trustworthy and spirited.  You are a natural beauty inside and out.   I wish you a wonderful birthday sweetheart!

 What started out as a sweet little rosebud is now blossoming into a beautiful Rose. 

Love you to the moon n' back child,
Always & Forever,
xoxo,   Mom

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am resolute....

Alrighty gals.  I said I would revisit this topic....

I don't do resolutions.  Not usually.

Every time I try to, I fail at them.  Defiantly.  I don't like it hanging over my head.

Recently I started feeling guilty about not being resolute to loose weight or get fit.  Especially when I go into the store or pick up a magazine or turn on the tv, even standing online at the post office overhearing conversations.  Everything this time of the year pertains to dieting resolutions....gettting thinner.  Going to the gym, weight watchers blah, blah, blah. 

My mind said.. "I know I should.  I know I need  to. 
My body says please do"
Tying my shoes should not be this dificult..right?  I'm out of breath...that's simply not normal.  I'm certainly not huge, but I'm not comfortable in my skin right now.  Hence, GUILT TURNED INTO ADMITANCE.

Retrieving something from upstairs is a task these days and I have to think over whether it can wait or not so I don't exert myself.  Pa-lease! I'm out of shape. 

I'm short so chub looks even worse on me.

I used to be a very physical person.  Really I was.  I played sports when I was younger, I ran, cheered, played soccer, jumped hurdles and pitched fast balls....a distant past.  I thought I still had that competitive edge.  That was until last September rolled around and our family reunion came.  Playing the family kickball competitive mind forgot that my body couldn't quite keep up with it....but tried anyway.  I paid for a week, lets just leave it at was bad.

Also, I can no longer tell myself it's perfectly alright because I just had a baby...he's past toddlerhood now. Ridiculous right?

I want to be healthier.  It's now not about thin or chubby It's about feeling better! 

But I like food.  Good food?  Really like it....alot.  Especially all those recipes you girls post out there in blogland that I haveta' try.

(These are actual ads....terrible isn't it?  Funny too.)

Actually I'm pretty happy...just a lil outta shape, ok, alot outta shape!

So confession time:

I'm gettin too big for my Britches....yes, too big.
Carrying a little too much junk in the trunk.
I am trying to lose weight, but it keeps finding me.
I'll be selling shade in a few more years if I continue on this path of indecency.
(colorful isn't it?)

About 8 years ago I started running again with my extremely thin cousin  (who was like a drill sargent).  Within no time, I had lost a few pounds, felt great and dropped a few sizes.  I proudly wore those size smalls again for a while.  I have yet to still part with them...(just for proof). It was easier then since I didn't have a lot to loose and I could carry my weight around making running not so very hard, oh and should I not forget the 8 years younger, yup that helped too.

I would run again but the friction burn hurts my thighs so bad I can't walk for a few days after!  Oh my, did I just confess that?  I know this isn't  really a funny topic but I have to make light of it.  To laugh about it all ...thats exercise after all right?  Laughing?  Did you know that 100 laughs a day is equal to 10 minutes of exercise, I actually read that!  Really?   I get the giggles so often I should already be so skinny!
ONION diet warning...Is this because you are crying so hard you cannot eat?   Don't think it would stop me...I love onions.

I've done Curves, Jazzercise, step classes, Lucille Roberts, Billy Banks Taebow......Sweatin to the Oldies with Gene, Denise Richards, those walk it off tapes all on VHS.......I bought the biggest looser on DVD....A YEAR AGO!  It's still all safely wrapped in it's casing while I decide if it is "right for me".  You name it.  Atkins, South beach, Weight watchers, the soup diet, oh dare I mention slim fast...mmmhmmmm.  They're all on my exercise resume, some I'm ashamed to even admit.  I've watched Biggest Looser too.  Cheered them on...with popcorn in hand! 
I even pray....


Amen to that.

The fact that I have thyroid disease doesn't help the matter's all so frustrating.  The fact that I rarely make time for myself to prepare the proper meals and portions contributes for sure.  So I know how I've gotten this way now how to fix it is the dilema.

Recap I don't like to diet, count calories, go to meetings, have trouble getting motivated and well, again, I like to eat.  Why can't we all have a Jillian Michaels?

BTW, I've never taken anything for dexatrim etc.  But I am thinking about looking into Alli , anyone else try that one?  Curious if it works.

I'm in my biggest size Big Girl Jeans currently.  I won't buy them any bigger so I squeeze into them...or give up and wear sweats....mostly sweats.

Will....go on.....Do....
That is what I say to myself as I put on my jeans....between breaths.

So what's a girl like me to do?  I'm sure I'm not the only gal to struggle with this issue.  But truth is...I'm a chunker right now and I must do something about it. Must address it.  

It's been a while since I've done anything healthy really.  In fact my unhealthy hiatus has been on tour for almost five years now.  With everything going on in my life these days I need to work off the stress and get back to healthier habits. 

Just warning you...if you read my blog I will have to discuss this topic often.   I will fall off the wagon, probably ripping into brownies and cakes and good foods.....Being real here.  I might come across as a diet hypocrite.  You may read my rants in disgust, just warning. 

I will never be able to cut it all out...but I hope you continue to follow and comment still.  I am planning on getting much more active instead and maybe portion control....?  Yup that's my new plan.

Roller derby....that should whip my fannie right into shape. thanks. 

All in all, I am resoluting (in my own way) to get healthier this year.  If I dabble in hobby eating it will be just that a dabble.  I will not completely diet, I know this. Making healthier choices, healthy eating habits and portion control is key right? 

I want to hear what ya'll have to say....what are your success stories, did you have to form new healthy habits, how did you change your lifestyles so that you could get healthier ? 

If you are like me now, just starting out and thinking on it, share what it is that you want to do?  I hope to read some input here.  A good plan requires good support.

One last poem for my Big Gal pants before I go...

Your days are now numbered thats for sure,
I'm waiting for the day you're worn no more.
These flabby legs soon will be tight
I'm vowing to try with all my might...
once this chocolate bar is gone from sight.
Me...this summer...he,he!

Oh lordy, I hope ya'll come back!  I have that give away and ya know that news I want to share...
still not the right time though, sorry.  Soon, promise....

Take good care!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Kisses from Heaven

Snowflakes are Kisses dropped straight from HEAVEN...

Wintertime is officially here in my neck of the woods...lots of snow covering the land, washing it over in sparkling beauty.

Someday, when my children are grown and remember their childhood winters...
I want them to remember the picture above in their minds. 
A picture of home, covered in snow and being sheltered safely inside with a fire going, something warm from the kitchen and being together.

The day after Christmas a snow storm started along the east coast and continued for a couple of brought two feet of snow to our area. It was beautiful.

After being inside for a couple days we ventured out for a winter walk. That turned into a snowball fight and the kids sliding down the large mountain of snow that our neighbor plowed in front of our house when he dug us out.  Yes, we were as snowed in!!
Thank god for good neighbors!

Once back home, my middle child immediately claimed her post on top of the mountain from which she could easily toss snowballs down on us. 

But briefly stopped for a sweet picture, secretly hiding the two snowballs under her gloves.

Her little brother wasted no time climbing to the top to join her....

Mhmmm...king of the hill.
I wasn't climbing up there.....but I have pretty good aim.

It's all fun and games.....until someone gets hurt. 
Yep, that's what my parents always said and now I'm their
With three brothers you can just imagine how often that was said in my house.

Once my son fully experienced what a frozen snowball running down the back of your coat feels like he wasn't happy.
(He might even keep his coat buttoned to the top next time instead of thinking it was choking him)

His sister really isn't evil.....she's actually quite sweet, especially to him. 
She just thought it was funny when he exclaimed through his wailing...

"snowball fights are reee-dic-A-lous"!

Then we called it a day. the way, did I mention that my hubs retreated to the porch after the first couple of snowballs....
no fair!  He was exhausted from shoveling a 50' pathway to the driveway...I can't really blame him.

I love that my children can experience the type of winters I did when I was a child.  A good old fashioned snowball fight is something every child should experience.  I hope you are enjoying the beautiful winter weather in your neck of the woods,
if you get such a thing.

I haven't forgotten about the surprise giveaway.

I received some exciting news before the holidays and am waiting for the right moment to share it, I think I'll pick the giveaway winner when I'm in the clear on it.  This way I'll spill the beans on everything all at once.  Thanks for being patient with me.

Take care,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and a Christmas Rewind....

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hello Blogger Friends!

 I hope this New Year finds you well and I hope you all celebrated

a wonderful Christmas with loved ones. 


So you all now know, that I never did make it back on here for a pre-Christmas post as planned but such is life these days.  We all had a beautiful Christmas and yes, my father was able come.  We anticipated the day with much concern and then his doctors gave him the clear to come.  I spent a great deal of time taking care to sanitize my home top to bottom before he arrived.  He was tired and stayed a short while this year but we were so grateful to see him! Amen

He had a bit of a set back this week as he was to begin another round of his chemo they discovered pneumonia and he is being treated accordingly so we are of course worried but grateful the doctors caught it quickly.  Thank you all for your continued prayers, we certainly need them and I so appreciate you all. 

Christmas came rather quickly this year and while I was able to capture alot of it on film ( more film more like, captured on the computer instead) I couldn't find a minute to post it all so I am doing a Christmas rewind  today, I hope you are not sick of it all already, if so I understand!  This is a long, picture-heavy-catch-up post....just to warn you.

The kitchen was decorated all up in it's holiday finery....

This guy below was made by me many Christmases ago.  With each child he would end up missing a few parts since he is toddler height, lol.  Although, quite battered it reminds me of the christmases when my girls were little and he gets sentimental rights to stay and each year he takes his rightful place in the corner of the kitchen. 

All around the Christmas Farmhouse.....a peek.

Of course we set up the Christmas Village too.  I think these are my younger children's most favorite Christmas decorations.  They will sit there in the dim light of the evening looking the whole thing over in awe once it's all been put together. 

 We spent a quiet New Year's Eve at home with Family and friends.  We have done this for the past several years.  We get together with cousins and friends and celebrate together in the safety of our home.  This year we all held out until the ball dropped, another memorable one for sure.  Resolutions?  Oh, we'll talk more about that in the next

I have been around to several of your blogs recently to catch up, however, blogger was giving me a hard time each time I tried to comment (ugh) was such a treat to catch up though. 
I will keep trying to comment though so you will know I stopped by to see you...of course I have so much to say too, lol.

Well, if you've stuck it out to the end of this post, thank you!  Thank you for making it worth my while to continue to post, thank you for your support and prayers and
thank you for coming back to read my posts! 
Be sure to leave a comment if you can to let me know you were here and what you are thinking, your input is important to me.

Happy New Year to you all!  May you all be blessed with Love, Health and Happiness in the new year!

Take good care,

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