Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Winter Skating Party

  My girl had a birthday party with some of her close friends this past weekend.  Winter Birthdays require a little creativity and thinking. We decided on a skating party for her and they all had a blast.  They were frozen with rosy cheeks and a little worn out when all was said and done

but what old fashioned fun they had!

After lacing up skates for nine sweet girls,
(thank god hubby was there to help out) they all headed out onto the ice in the outdoor rink....

It was so funny to watch the girls out there, first they all looked like they were all walking with a walker, clinging to the sides of the wall.  But before long they released their grips and became brave enough to balance.  My bundled up, mitten wearing, girl was pretty good considering she doesn't do much skating. 

Watching them brought back some wonderful childhood memories of skating with my cousins.  They lived near a cranberry bog, down the street from my current home, that would freeze hard enough in the wintertime to skate on.  There was also a horse field behind their house that some winters would flood when it rained and freeze over enough for us to skate on, which was safer.  There were several winter afternoons that I can recall skating with them.  With nothing to hold onto, you had to go at it alone with only with the faith that you would learn to balance yourself or end up on your backside!  My cousin, Tara, was the one doing pirouettes and jumps, while I was just ecstatic when I learned how to skate backwards!  She would be whipping around and around in circles, while I would pretend I was the olympic skater, Dorothy Hamill, there on a manmade rink in the middle of the horsefield all those winters ago!

I now own the house across the street from that very horse field  and some winter afternoons I look out my upstairs bedroom window to a clear view of that field and I am instantly transported back to those
wonderful childhood days.
Bundled up twirling around on the ice.....

Exhausted from our ice capades in the chilly winter air we eventually always made our way inside for some WARM COCOA.

Is there anything more instantly comforting on a winter's afternoon than a warm cup of cocoa with puffy marshmallows and a dollop of whip cream wrapped in your hands?

Have you tried a cup of white cocoa yet?
Here's a Paula Deen recipe my family loves.

Oh...sorry!  I got a little off track reminising! Back to my daughters party...
When we were finished skating we had a Winter Fun themed party back at home with family and friends.....

How cute would this be for a winter get together for grownups too?  It was fairly inexpensive, alot of the items came from the dollar store and craft stores.  Blue frames, snowflake mittens......

iridescent tissue paper, snowflake garland, ice skate ornaments and foam snowflakes
all from the craft store...

cupcakes iced with blue tinted icing, snowflake candies and white (snow) jimmies....

My daughter felt like a birthday snow princess.....

Sno-Caps candy....a Cocoa packet and Smores goodie bags.....
easy and inexpensive tied with a snowflake ribbon.

We had so much fun and it certainly was a birthday to remember....
I really enjoy making my children's birthdays special, and always try to stick to a reasonable budget. 
Have you hosted themed winter parties?  I would love to hear some of your great ideas! 

Thank you all for your kind Birthday wishes to my girl in my last post, she read each and every one of them!  You are all so such sweet blogging friends to have taken the time to do so!   I love it when you leave a note for me, I feel like you are stopping in for a chat!  Enjoy your winter days....
Take care,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Girl....

My sweet girl,

I want you to remember on your special day,
you are so loved.

While I hate how quickly the years go by,
I am pleased to see what a beautiful young lady
you are growing into with each passing year.

Starting at the begining...
We waited several years for your arrival into our family.
You have been a blessing since the day you were born.   

Always surrounded by love.....

You were always such a happy baby, smiling with your round sunshine face!

Such an easy going baby, you could go anywhere
and still be happy
(as long as you were attached to my hip)! 
(You always were a momma's girl!)

I always loved to dress you little calico sundresses....
my country baby.
Now it's all about the t-shirts and jeans!

Always smiling, even when you were dragged around for
hours on end to your sister's soccer games,
year after year...

You were usually alright with it as long as there was a playground to run around on.

You loved to be with daddy was no exception,
 except that you always cried for the poor fish, lol.

You were always up for a teaparty....and came dressed for the occasion too!

Dressed for church on Easter loved wearing a pretty hat.

You were so excited to start school....
you learned to read before starting.
PS..I followed your bus for the first month of school......daddy thought that was funny.

Your enthusiasim for school hasn't changed, you are such a great student and your teachers always love you.

Your toothless grin could have charmed any mother into taking you on a trip to the city with your doll,
Then you decided you were a country girl and didn't really like it there all that much...

When you became the middle child, you were so excited to be the big sister for a change. 
Your love for your sister and brother is so heartwarming. 

You are so artistic....a crayon could always keep you occupied!
Cheering you on at all your sports...

you are such a
team player.

You are never afraid to try new things.....and are so surprised when you are good at it!

Your love for horses.....

you are a natural with them...

I believe you when you say you will live on a horse farm someday
because once you set your mind to something, it is possible.

I wonder if there is an animal on the couldn't love....

My animal lover would rescue every stray the world has, if you could.

We actually think that you might be part fish,
all summer long you are in a bathing suit and swimming!

Your love of history...and an adventure in learning about it.

You can be found reading a book almost anywhere....

You refuse to stop believing in Santa....
I love how
you never were in a rush to grow up!

You are never afraid to be silly.....

Your smile is so contagious..........

so is your giggle!

I know that you are growing up now,

and I must have blinked because when I think of you....

this is what I still see.
No matter how big you get,
you are still my baby.
I wish you a Happy Birthday
sweet girl and many many more....
God bless you,
just as I have been blessed having you as a daughter.

Love you to the moon and back child,
Always, Mom

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