Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

The Aprons are on and we are chopping, stirring, cooking and baking up a Thanksgiving storm here at the Farmhouse!

The table is set.....

 banners are hung, centerpiece is made.  

The bird is ready to go into the oven first thing tomorrow and the family is on their way, over the river and through the woods!

My lil' indian is fluffing his feathers for tomorrows feast...

I finally caught him hiding in the next room....I kept slicing apples for pie and they kept disappearing! 

He said "I don't want to wait for pie momma, I want to eat apples now"!  Lol....

But I managed to pull it together afterall....a Rustic Apple Pie, nothing fancy here!  Thanks to my Sugar Pie Sister, Aunt Ruthie, for her Pie Crust recipe....Y'all have to give that a try if you haven't already!  I still have some work to do in the decorative pie department though, LOL! Now, onto the pumpkin pies, my favorite!  But, sure does smell good here!

A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Take Care now,

(P.S....  Giveaway is still going on, comments can be left in previous post.)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving, Family Memories & a Holiday Giveaway!

 One last ode to the harvest season before one more holiday of the year is quietly ushered onward.  Another metamorphisis has occurred here at our farmhouse, the jack-o-lanterns have been put to rest in the barn for another year, and the pilgrims have been put out upon the shelves. can now click on my photos to enlarge them if you like...

We have a standard menu prepared homemade each year, I like to try at least one new recipe to add to our traditional fare each year so I will be searching some cooking blogs to find the perfect one to try this year.

My favorite holiday item would probably have to be our sweet potatoes praline, a recipe added to my holiday menu years ago. One passed on to me by my sweet SIL's mother, someone dear to my family. She has been so good to us....Aunt Me-Me, but she and Uncle Sam are really another set of grandparents to my children. A name given to her by my oldest daughter when just a little tot because she couldn't properly pronounce her real name. So they are known to us as Me-Me's Sweet Po-tater Pralines....(You have to say it with a Texas accent too, since our Me-Me is from Texas all the way) a dessert for a side dish.  Speaking of my favorite dessert.....Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving for sure!

I have so many wonderful memories of the holidays as a child too. The bowl of mixed nuts my Na-Na used to put out that my brothers and I would sit and crack the shells so much that our finger tips would be stained from the wallnuts with a tinge of pink because they were so sore. The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade would always be on the Television while the meal was being cooked, and the ever so popular kids table. I don't think that I got to sit with the adults til I was married! But what a glorious day when you were asked to sit amongst the adults!  Later, I was a cheerleader when I was a teenager and there was always the Thanksgiving Game, we froze our tails off!  These days I cook for my inlaws, my husband and children all join in the preparations. 

All the preparation and love that goes into the holiday, the childrens faces and the simplicity of graciously enjoying one anothers company and good food.....

I have been making preparations for the Christmas Season here at the farmhouse, in addition to painting many, many signs, making gifts and crafts but I like to take things slowly season by season. I will be doing a Christmas post after Thanksgiving has been given its appropriate recognition. You can however, do some Holiday Shopping in the Mercantile (link top left hand column). Be sure to head on over the and check it out!

And now for the last giveaway of the year......Mrs. Claus Corner Cafe sign for the holiday season.......

Mrs. Claus Cafe....a distressed and glittered with diamond dust sign accent for your holiday home. What would I like in return you say? Nothing, the only requirement is that you are a follower of Farmhouse Country Style blog....If you would like to put it on your blog as well please feel free to link to this post, but it is one entry per follower who leaves a comment below.

A bonus to any customer of Farmhouse Mercantile, my sale blog, is that if you have purchased a sign from me in the past year, then your name has automatically been entered twice into this drawing! So be sure to leave me a comment below if you are interested in this cutie pie sign!  I hope that you like it too!  The giveaway will close at Midnight, Dec. announced on the 2nd after 5pm....and shipped out by the following Saturday.  Good luck!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and eat lots of wondeful foods that fill your tummies with love and gratitude!

Take Care now, ya hear?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A season of

What a wonderful reason to celebrate a holiday! Our seasonal celebration of gratitude...thanksgiving. A time for reflecting upon all that is good in our lives and perhaps even a time to make things brighter for one another.
All too often I find myself in a worrisome panic over what I haven't accomplished, completed or need to find the time to do. Lately, I have decided to shift my focus and work hard on my thinking. Work very hard to ground myself with the trust that I have all that I need before me, my health, my family's heath, a roof over our head, food to nourish us and heat to warm us, and most of all the love of those who care for me and family and friends to love back.
Thank the good lord for those bountiful blessings!
Especially in times such as these ,when everyone is struggling to make ends meet and futures may sometimes seem uncertain. Relecting on the these holidays can really put things into focus.
By changing my attitude to gratitude I can put myself at peace. It is just so amazing at how things can turn around for me once I have set my mind on doing so. Putting a focus on all the good in my life and being grateful for all that I have been blessed with.

I have been so busy painting signs over the past few weeks....I looked around the other day and they were everywhere! Drying on the counters, dining room table, coffee table, if it was a flat surface you could find a sign there! I am so grateful for the work though :o), I am not complaining! For that I am grateful!
Here is what you can find at my farmhouse on painting days.....
warning: it's a scary sight to behold!

Dining room taken over.
First, second....sometimes third coat.....drying, sanding, painting, drying, drying.....

This is a hand that has been busy making signs.....actually that really isn't too bad...
it has been much worse!

Kitchen table taken over by paint.....ohhh boy!

Finished signs
some waiting for touch-ups, some to be sealed...some for wire and some for hangers...
Pssst.....Let me let you in on a secret...there's a giveaway hidden in that pile somewhere for one of my wonderful followers....will be begin sometime before Friday afternoon....
Once they are sealed and ready to go......
Pictures are taken to post in the Mercantile...
Well, I try to take the photos...
sometimes, I am interupted....
Chickens being chased by a little boy.....
and sometimes that little boy also pops up in a few of my
sign photos...
and then the chicken runs away....
and the little boy stays for one more photo before resuming his
chicken chase....
poor Abby the chicken....she sure got her exercise today!
Alrighty....days 1 & 2 down! Now only about 8 more to go!
Soon to be listed in the mercantile in a few days, promise.
Shoot me an email if you see anything that you like!

Boy! It sure is alot of work for such a small time operation!

If you are looking for holiday gifts be sure to check out the
Farmhouse Mercantile
for those finished signs! I hope that you are enjoying your season of gratitude....
Take Care,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Indian Summer Days and a GBP giveaway!

I looooove Gooseberry Patch!

I have purchased many things from their catalogs over the years and I also had a (ridiculously simple) recipe published in one of their Christmas Cookbooks about 7 or 8 years ago, which I will have to dig out and post one of these days. So I have to spread the news when they are offering something wonderful..............sooooooo.....

If you are a GBP lover too, get on over to their new blog and check it out, it is soo cute and they are having 2 giveaways, one for a $200 G.C. (Yipppeee!) and another for 3 of their awesome cookbooks. Click the link on my side bar, scroll down and sign up!

You can send the email links to all your friends and sign up for the G.C. For the cookbooks you only have to post a link on your blog to sign up! How easy is that? Definately worth a try.

Their cookbooks are soooo wonderful, they have great recipes, craft projects and ideas, if you have never read one you will LOVE it! (no I do not work for them, I really do like their products! He, he!).

As for the autumn porch decorating contest thrown by Front porch ideas and more....THANK YOU to all of you who took the time to leave such wonderful comments for me, I love all my awesome blogger friends, your support was touching!!

My farmhouse porch wasn't the winner but Congratulations to Dee of Medford, Massachusetts, her beautiful porch was the winner! She was very deserving, what a cute porch she has! I have to say there were so many beautiful porches entered I just don't know how they made their final decisions, it must have been so hard!
Here's the link if you would like to drool a little over the other contestants photos, I did (I am a porch lover of all sorts)......

With this post I will leave you with a few photos (okay, alot of photos) of a day trip we took the other day to my most favorite local historical places....Wharton State Forest. We dropped everything on one of those Indian Summer Days and headed out of doors for some sunshine and fresh air. and picture posin'.

The Old Saw Mill

A once abandoned town, now state forest, it is a historical site that is smack dab in the middle of the Pinelands, and it is nothing short of beautiful this time of the year. Once a functioning village, it made supplies during the revolutionary war for the continental army. As an iron working village it once used the bog iron that is rich in this area in it's production and later the village became a glassmaking community. Lots of history here, our family loves history.

The Corn Crib

My 11 year old daughter, said to me while there, "Do you ever wonder what keeps bringing us back to this place over and over again?", exclaiming how much she likes going there too. I did wonder once she said that, maybe something more than the peacfulness of this beautiful place has something more that keeps drawing me back there.

Do you have any place that brings you back time and time again, a place that you could never tire of?

Grist Mill

My 11 year old Kart Wheelin' Superstar!

The beautiful Autumn Colors.....enjoy the splendor
before winter takes hold!

My oldest (left) & a BFF....
She can't leave home without at least one of them!


My tuckered out toddler....
Yes, he slept all the way home!

I will be back later this week with another post,
I am in the midst of finishing up a few projects and I have a surprise for you all too.
I hope you all are well and enjoying the beauty of this season!!

Hugz :o)......

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2009,
I hope you had a fun one.
Here's my lil' Scarecrow, all ready to go!
We had a last minute costume change! He kept that itchy hat on too!

My middle daughter all dressed up very scary.....she loves creepy scary.
In our house you have to be 10 and above for creepy scary.
My oldest no longer dresses up :o( ... so here are some photo's of
Halloween Past..
A pink lady, a greaser, and an bum, (with a cast from soccer), Oh My!
My oldest was also a scarecrow when she was little so it was fun to do that one again!

My middle daughter made a cute lil witch one year,

I sewed that costume (for many hours)!

Another homemade costume, an Indian princess, a hand me down from her sister.
I love it when all my hard work gets recycled!

Some spooky scenes from our house all decked out
in our halloween finery for a costume party!

A spooky menu....

Our creepy scarecrow greeting visitors at the door

with creepy music playing and a smoke machine makes a scary setting.

Witch cupcakes and witches brew,

with gummy eyeballs floating in it for special effects!

If you partake in the fun of the holiday, I hope that you enjoyed your visit to our "spooky" farmhouse! If you don't partake, well we can still be friends of course, stop back on a brighter day!

Thanks for visiting! Don't forget to leave a comment, and check out the Autumn Porch contest link on the top lefthand column of my blog. I do appreciate all of you who take the time to stop by and especially those of you who leave a comment! I will have a surprise coming up for my readers in the next couple of weeks, so be sure to stop in again!

Take Care,

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