Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snowed In

The farmhouse was snowed in for three whole looked so beautiful. It was purty strange considering it is March and we haven't had a really real snow storm in about 4 years now. The chicks (aka my three kids) were in and out of the house for the past couple of days. I dried so many snow suits, hats, mittens, etc. etc. We took an hour on the first snow day and headed to our local favorite sledding spot, which in reality might make some people laugh, it is about a 25' drop from top to bottom. That is just enough for us flat lander pineys here. I even went down a few times with my lil guy, but was afraid I wouldn't be able to get my backside unstuck from the blowup snow tube we used! We must have gone through 4 qts. of hot cocoa and a few dozen choc. chip cookies....(industrial size from the whole sale club).

My oldest daughter, C.A., even got off her myspace (big thing for a teen) on Mon. AND Tues. to go out with her brother and sister and frolick. She mostly threw really big snowballs at her 11 yr old sister with clear intention on getting revenge for her previous tattaling, then she kindly pulled her 2 year old brother around the yard in his baby sled. She pulled him mostly for protection since her sister couldn't hit her as fiercely with frozen ice balls when she had her baby brother at her side for protection. My 11 year old made a gazillion snow angels all over the yard, wish I had a few pictures but I took my pictures from the comfort of inside my home, through the screen door. J.D., my two year old, ate so much snow his face was pink and rosy for 4 hours after coming in. Geesh to be a kid again, what fun. I was able to capture some nice pictures and now that it is begining to melt today I am a little sad to see it go.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Blog Entry Ever

Okay, here it finally is. My first official blogger entry ever...I have been a dedicated blog reader for quite a while now and I am wondering just what it is that I will be posting in my very first entry. I should start off by saying that I always look forward to reading my favorite blogs the way I anticipate the latest release of my favorite magazines each month. I get refreshed and energized from them with new ideas. the pictures and articles are really motivating. When I log into these blogs after a couple of days (sometimes weeks) I am even disappointed when there are no updated blog entries that occur from time to time when one is off living their life. Yes, this is my stay at home momminess I find my blog reading to be an indulgence right up there with eating chocolates, I enjoy it. I am a pretty simple person and easily pleased. It is the little things that make me a happy girl.

Now, with all of that said, I have to explain my intentions for this blog of mine. I hope to make this a sort of online diary of the things that I love, and even some of the things that I don't love so much. I think it will be neat to be able to go back into my blog a year or two from now and read an entry from a particular holiday or even a regular ordinary day and recall what it was that inspired me to post about it. Remembering how I decorated my Christmas tree that one year with all of those handmade ornaments that took hours upon hours to complete (yes I have done this several times and not didn't even take a picture before passing them to a friend). There was also a few parties I had for my children that would have been so nice to be able to post about, the fairy tea party for my middle child, S.L., all those handmade fairy wings and chocolate wands or the cowboy party for my son, J.D., when I made those goody bags of cowboy cookies and we crafted sheriff stars. Yes, I roll like that. I hope to also post some simple things in my life that I greatly appreciate. My daughter doing homework silently at the kitchen table, painting my kitchen a new color, a great recipe that I tried and loved. All the things that I like about the blogs that I read myself.

Well now that I have rambled on for two paragraphs, I will try to get up and runnin by posting a few times a week...we'll see how that goes with a family to run.

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