Monday, August 17, 2009

The flower beds, need some tucking in.....

My girls in the garden
were a little jealous with my last post about all the veggies,
so I have to give them some attention too....

The daisies have been gossiping something about me loving the veggie garden a little more with all of the attention that I have been giving them lately. I am sure the black eyed Susan's know better though, I do love them so!
I did have to reassure them they would be next on my list for weeding though, I am certain that is what is causing all the discord lately. Those weeds have a way of bringing my girls down a bit, and making them look bad! I am sure it was those sneaky little dandelions that started all of those rumors in my flower beds......oh, they are so bad! I don't want them to spoil my girls so weeding is on the to do list for this week. Once it is finished, I will share some more photos when my girls can stand proud.

The Sedum is patiently awaiting the fall, getting ready to bloom at a moments notice.
A Creamer Bouquet......

The sugar bowl that went along with my favorite creamer is long gone now, but I just couldn't part with the creamer too. It's new purpose in life is to hold pretty little garden bouquets, not so bad afterall. I like to pick some flowers from the garden and keep them near my sink. A nice treat when doing the dishes, it livens up the task.

I use an old water bottle cut in half, with a little water, when cutting my garden flowers. It keeps them from wilting until I can arrange them once I get inside.

I also like to use the water bottle when picking little bouquets for friends...they transport nicely, wrap them in tissue paper, tie with a cute little ribbon and then slip them into your cars cupholder.
You can bring it to someone to brighten their day and it doesn't cost a thing.

Have a great day and take care now!


  1. Oh, those dandelions are vicious spreaders of gossip! The "girls" look lovely, and I hope that next year mine look as pretty are yours! I'm reworking my gardens, so that I have big patches of the same kind of flower in one spot.
    I love that song that plays every time I visit you, and I finally remembered to scroll down and find out what it is. It's perfect for your blog!

  2. I love your flowers..I too love to have them on my counter when I wash dishes..cause they make me your decor and would love to see more.:)

  3. I love the creamer bouquet idea :) Pretty, pretty, pretty :)

  4. What a sweet and charming blog you have!!!! I just am so loving the layed back country feel you have with your adorable design and music to play along. Yes, nothing is better than to give a bouquet of smiling flowers to someone to make their day a little brighter. Your garden is fabulous!!!


  5. ...oopsies...geez, i cannot even get my named spelled correctly...tis time for beddie by time...



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