Monday, August 24, 2009

Bakin with my Boy.

It was just my lil man and me, yesterday morning since my girls were out with friends. He told me he wanted cupcakes but it was still too early to make them. I knew that if I made cupcakes he would be having them for breakfast since this lil guy takes after me in the sweets dept.!

I found a chocolate chip muffin pouch from good ol' Betty Crocker in the pantry and
to work we went.

If you have a lil one in the house that likes to bake with you these are the perfect mix to use.
You only have to add water, mix it up, and then bake. Not to mention that they are great when you are in a pinch too. The only ingredient required is water, it is good to have on hand.
Most toddler's attention spans are pretty short, so in about 12-15 minutes they are ready to move onto something new!

I made this same muffin mix a few weeks ago and my lil guy wouldn't touch them, said they were no good (what?!) so I was hoping that he would eat these because we were out of his favorite blueberry muffin mix.

He is 2 and they can be sweet and sour at that age, need I say any more?

Our mother & son baking dialogue.......

Lil man: "I want to do it myself."

Lil man: "Ummm, this doesn't look very yummy...ewww, what's that black stuff in there?"

Me: "Those are choc. chips. Did you make them yucky? Cause if you make them yummy,
they will be yummy.

You will have to blow some kisses in there
to make it yummy."

Lil man: (Blows some kisses inot the bowl) "I did make them yummy...."
Me: "Oh good, cause I only like to eat yummy muffins."

(I was surprised that he even tried the batter, once this guy says ewww to something, that usually means good luck, I'm not eatin it!)

Now they are yummy to him and I had to tell him to
save some of the batter, we need to fill our muffin cups!

Patiently waiting (well, as patiently as a two year old could be!)

Lil man: "Are they done yet? Mommmmmmmmy are they done yet? Okay, I will lick this spoon and bowl clean for you and you won't have to wash it, isn't that great?"


Lil man: "Are they done yet (a whole 1 minute later)?
10 minutes is an eternity to my two year old!

Lil man: "What, wait a minute! But they are done...mmmmm, they look so good! I want one now, pleazzzzzzze."

Me: "You will have to wait until they are finished cooling or you can burn yourself"

This is the part were lil man decided he was going to help me cool them down. After they were put on the plate he proceeded to blow (lightly mist) on just about all of them. Another eternity for a 2 year old!

I was so relieved that my girls were not there to witness that.....they would never have eaten again!

Lil man: "Okay they are good now, I was like a fan!" "Mommy can we send Daddy a picture to work of my cupcakes (he still thinks they're cupcakes)?"

Picture for Daddy, Yummmmm....these are really good.

And 4 muffins later.....

I asked him why he didn't eat these the last time I made them and he told me they are better when he mixes them!

That is how you get a two year old to eat, you let him help make it!

~~Love you, my lil puddin' pie! ~~


  1. This is the cutest post I've ever seen! Gosh, how I miss having a little one around! My little one just went back to college on Saturday! But I sure do remember her thinking things tasted better when she had a hand in making it! Oh, and I see nothing wrong with cupcakes for breakfast!

  2. That is precious!! My three year old daughter is like that. It is never as good when I make it as when she makes it. She does, however, allow me to "assist" on occasion. Little ones are just too cute!! :)

  3. That's so sweet! I will have to remember that for when my 2 year old wants to help with something! He's precious!

  4. Thanks for visiting me. Can I come over for a cupcake now!

  5. How cute!! My 3 year old LOVES to help me bake. :) Involving your kids with cooking and baking is a great way to spend quality time with them and teach them about life :) I love it!

  6. Adorable post! And yep the muffins indeed look YUMMY!!

  7. This post brought back memories or my own little boys (now aged 16 and 26) *helping* bake. Great post!!

  8. aaawww what a cutie pie you have for a helper! I sure miss having little ones around! Sniff,sniff. Traci


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