Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Most Favorite-ist Blog...Ever...

My Most Favorite-tist Blog

***My Very First
Giveaway too!***

Ok....Here it is girls...

Holla- Farmhouse sistas!!!

I have to give credit where credit is due....and Miss Ruthie it is for You!!!

((sorry, that was so corny, I know....))
I decided that it was time to put it all out there and exclaim my all time favorite blog to the world.....Warm Pie Happy Home, (SugarPie Farmhouse) of course!

It all started way back in the fall of 2007....

At that time I didn't even know what a blog was til I stumbled upon Aunt Ruthies blog...Warm Pie Hapy Home. I was searching for some thanksgiving decorations and up came these cute lil pilgrims and indian figures in my search list. Up popped cute little pictures of these figurines dancing around on Miss Ruthie's kitchen counters...oh they were so very cute and I wanted them, but wait, what is that...oh, do you see just how cute the rest of her kitchen is...oh, there's more pictures...oh my, should I be reading this? This is someone's home...Is she writing to a dear friend and had I an unsuspecting visitor have stumbled upon this personal message she sent to them? Too tempting. I must read it....personal message regarding blessings from god? How beautiful and uplifting...Oh wait she's offering pie too???? I scratched the web address onto a piece of paper and shut my puter down for the night.

The next day I asked my puter savy hubby what is a blog hon? Hubs- Oh just something people do, like an online diary of sorts? Me-"Is it personal, like can anyone read them?" Hubs-"No, silly if it were personal do you think it would be on the internet?" Me-He,he. (now giddy over the fact that I was allowed to go back for some more pie :o) ) "Guess not silly!" Off he went to work and I jumped back onto my puter to find that cute blog. We'll over the next few (yes) hours I went over and over her blog and read all the previous posts and oooohhhed over her pictures of her home. I loved her style and could see that we shared a common thread in decorating our homes with a lil whimsy...

The message that she sent with each post was so very uplifting, positive, reassuring, and loving. I could see that this woman was on a mission! I hopped off the puter so refreshed by her messages and dedication to her family. Every day from then on I would check her blog while drinking my morning coffee. Miss Ruthie's blog became part of my morning routine....what a day when there was a new post to read...oh, heaven! Always, I walked away from my puter feeling so refreshed and ready to get to being a better homemaker and mother! The funny thing about all of it was how often she would send a message that seemed to tailor fit just what I needed to hear that day or week....gotta love that!

I want to share, with you, her blog because I truly enjoy it as so many of her other followers do that post on her new Sugar Pie Farmhouse message board (wheww that was long!). She started a sisterhood where women from all over post advice, positive messages, recipes and most of all friendship, all with a common likeness for Sugarpie Farmhouse. Before I knew it, Aunt Ruthie inspired me to start a blog of my very own and she was the first person to leave a comment on my blog! I couldn't do another post without mentioning all of this!

Every woman I have come across in this lifetime would love

and truly benefit from her blog.

At risk of being a total copy cat, geesh! I have to tell you that she has the cutest lil' stove in her kitchen and from the moment I laid eyes on it....I wanted one! Yup, I'm a poser and I don't care who knows. From that moment on I made it my mission to "get me one of those".

Well, about a year ago, I was finally able to locate one...I walked into an antique store off the beaten path and low and behold there it sat in all it's rusty glory my "Lil chef oven"! I had been searching for it since I first saw it on WarmPie in 2007. I was afraid to take my eyes off of it, fearing someone else would spot my treasure (even though there were only 2 other's in the store) and steal it out from under me. I played with the little knobs, opened the oven door to find all the pots and pans left behind from the little chef that once played with it long ago. Turning it around I couldn't find a tag anywhere on it....Oh no what if it is simply out of my budget? Could I contain myself and stay in control.....would I? Reluctantly, I pulled my eyes off of it for a second checking back only once as I approached the dealers counter. I tried to hide my excitment and as casually as I possbily could I said "how much are you asking for the rusty old stove there in the corner" as if I didn't like the fact that it was used and old. Hmmm, he said, I'll take $12 dollars for that one, it has been sittin for sometime. Oh glory! I wanted to jump up to the ceiling instead I cassually muttered an "Ok that'll do." I handed him the money and hit the road, me and my lil stove.

Once home, my hubs asked what in the world I wanted an old childs stove for....Are you kiddin me, I exclaimed, look at this baby! Ummmm, can you say ADORABLE! Gleefully, I reached into the lil oven door and pulled out all the utensils a little chef could possibly need. I imagined the chubby little hands that must have touched that stove with the same excitement I felt....only then it was shiny new. I loved the imprefections on my lil stove..bent burners, lil rust spots and another dent or two and it would stay exactly the way I had found it. I gave it a wiping down, and placed it on my counter.

Don't you know that lil stove still attracts children even in it's old age now and is played with often by my two younger children? While making dinner we slide it to the edge of the counter on particularly crazy nights and as a treat they get to play with it. It is a great distraction for them while I make their dinner. My son makes dinner in the little pots and pans and bakes it up. He takes good care of it and knows that it must sit where I place it and go back on the counter when finished. I love my lil stove!

There is also the subject
of my kitchen pantry...

If you see Miss Ruthie's pantry you will know that it is worth bloggin about! It is huge!

I have a much smaller version that I have in my kitchen. I had spotted the screen door on the pantry long ago in an issue of country living and placed it into my LOVE THIS binder (more on that in another post) I knew that I would be putting this up in my kitchen, but Miss Ruthie inspired my shelves for sure.
They remind me of the kind you would find in an old General Store. This area of my kitchen once was a little used baking center now better used better suited as our pantry to house all of the food you try to stock up on when you have a family of five.

Not to mention the cute

chalkboards, chore chart's I made and recipes...

All inspired by Aunt Ruthie!

Now, with all of that said, I have to tell you one last time that you must see Aunt Ruthie's blog and Sugar Pie Farmhouse forum if you haven't yet had the pleasure. I bet you'll be happy you did.

I want to show you something that I have made in celebration of Miss Ruthie's Blog and, as I stated in my about me profile section of my blog, I make country signs and this one was made especially with her in mind. This is a rather plain sign done in an antiqued cream and red to go with alot of different decors. The giveaway is for the sign only.
If you do follow my blog and like this sign, please leave a comment on this post below. I would like to know about your most favorite blog and why it is your favorite. I will hold a drawing on June 10th for this giveaway...picking a follower's name out of a bowl. I will announce the winner on June 12th.

Of Course, Miss Ruthie if you are readin' this, by all means, let me know! This sign is a gift for you as comment needed!

Go get some pie girls and enjoy your day!

For SugarPie Farmhouse, click below.

Take Care Gals,



  1. LOOOOOOOve your blog...
    Looking forward to your new post...

    Love your pics..
    and I just want to cook on that lil stove too...
    Give your secrets where on earth do you find all your treasures.. Just kidding(wink,wink)
    Take me with you shopping instead...

  2. Stopping in for a visit! Love your lil stove and the pantry!!

    Elizabeth at Loagan Ranch

  3. Your blog is great! My fav is Aunt Ruthie's too! And the new forum is just fabulous!! I can't believe what inspiration she is to so many people. She has brought a nation together to share our thoughts, recipes, dreams, fears, joys and love of God. Could you ask for more? I don't have a blog, but my email address is I would LOVE to have a sign like this! Thanks for also being an inspiration to many! GrandmaSoucie

  4. What a great post! I think Aunt Ruthie's is my favorite blog too! She is inspiring and uplifting. She has definately brought out my inner farmgirl. Through the girl talk forum I have found so many great blogs and made bunches of new friends.
    I think I am going to jump on the mini oven bandwagon and find one for myself! Wish me luck! LOL!
    Your Sugar Pie Sista,

  5. What a cute blog and lovely sign! Please include me!
    My fav. blog is Aunt Ruthie's..I love the new forum!

  6. I love that sign, and the red lettering matches my kitchen! Please enter me in the drawing. My favorite blog is a tough call! I have two, actually. My favorites are Sugar Pie Farmhouse and Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.

  7. I love your pantry, everything about it is just perfect :)

    Of course I love Aunt Ruthie's blog, but my favorite blog is:

    She updates it a few times a week and there's just such a tranquil and holistic feeling I get from reading her posts. She lives in my old college town and the feeling of her blog somehow transports me back to that town circa the mid 1990's.

  8. I'm so dumb I posted my comment on the forum instead of here so please look there...
    Can you please enter me in the contest too...
    My favorite blog is Aunt Ruthie too..
    However you are second on my list..
    Girl you are TALENTED.. Loooove your blog and your ideas..

  9. I Love your pantry and your decorations! My favorite Blog is Aunt Ruthies and I Love your Blog too !

  10. Cindy "Scrappy"May 28, 2009 at 10:40 AM

    I am just totally in love with your pantry. That is going to be my inspiration. Where did you get your screen door? I just love those old screen doors. I check Char's blog every day. She has lots of ideas and also gives me lots of inspiration.

    I just added your blog to my fav's list though and I will be coming to visit every day.

  11. Hello Dee...
    I just found your blog via "the farmhouse" and added it to my favorites in a New York minute! You've done a wonderful job on your blog and it is fun to read. I love your ideas. That sign is a cutie too!

    Be blessed

  12. Hello there...

    Found your blog over at Aunt Ruthie's! You have done a wonderful job at your home. I too am searching for a stove to call my very own. Love the "pie" sign. Have a good one.

  13. hi there found your blog over at sugar pie farmhouse. You have done an amazing job on your pantry it looks fantastic.

  14. Please enter me.


  15. Hi...I'm Jacqueline! I found you while visiting Aunt Ruthies Blog...I absolutely agree with you about her blog, I just love it! She is amazing and oh so INSPIRING! God has definately given her a gift! One of the many things I love about her site is finding adorable blogs like yours! I will definately add yours to my favorites and follow along! Stop by and visit me soon! Smiles, Jacqueline @

  16. Oh My Oh MY I know just how you feel about Miss Ruthie and her blog because it is also my favorite blog ever. As Aunt Ruthie would say I love it so much I would Marry It ! Seriously !
    She is just so wonderful and what makes her so special is I truly believe she actually care about all her blog guests.
    You and I seem to have the same interest but I have to say your house is way cuter...I just love your decor. I am working on my house! Keep up the good work on you cutie pie lil blog !

  17. Well Sista, it' easy to figure out where I came from...........You have a great blog and I can see now I need to finish my pantry. I look forward to seeing more ofyour posts.


  18. Hi Dee,
    well I came across your blog through sugarpiefarmhouse, first let me answer your question, well my favorite blog is Mrs. Ruthie's I stumble into her blog back then when it was called warmpiehappyhome in 2008 it was autum, I right away felt in love with her blog because of her vintage and farm style photos, they gave me a sense of warmth and cozyness, then I went ahead and started reading her posts and wow I got so hooked on them, the way she puts advice and encouragement together in those sweet,wise and loving words :) At this point I was in the process of creating my own blog but I did not know how and what to share, so later when she came up with her new website sugarpiefarmhouse my blog was still unfinished because eversince warmpiehappyhome I've been so hooked on Ruthie's posts ;) well everytime I read her posts I feel inspired to be a positeve mom, wife and housewife through my day and week, so is until now that I feel more inspired to go back and finish my blog, I am learning so much from that girl talk forum at sugarpiefarmhouse, I love it so much, I can share my experiences or ask for prayer its awsome to see the love of God through all of those replies!! Now I want to tell you that I love your blog aswell its so cute and cozy :) love your toy stove its so cute :o) I would love to own one of your signs :-) please do enter me in your drawing :)

  19. I also want to ask you, where did you get those cute dividers for your blog? the red, whie and some green on the edge dividers, where your list of followers are. may I copy and paste, but would also like to know where I can find more. thanx

  20. I have 3 blogs on my toolbar...yours, Aunt Ruthie's and The Farm Chicks. I check them each almost every day. I love your pantry and yes, I've been keeping my eye out for a little stove too. Please enter me in the drawing for your cute sign! Thanks! -Amy

  21. This is a PRECIOUS blog... I love your style. I really can't remember how I found Aunt Ruthie's but knew instantly that I was hooked. It's her love of the LORD and how she allows Him to guide her through her life and in creating her home environment that was so impressive. I look at her for a lot of inspiration. It was through her blog that I found have a style that draws me in. There's only one other blog that I spend a lot of time I enjoy making cards and this is where I get a lot of my supplies. Nicole, the designer of the stamps, is as creative as Ruth Ann...thanks for this opportunity to express myself.

  22. My favorite is Aunt Ruthie's too! I am pretty new to her blog. It has only been a few months. I went out a bought the Red jars and now I am making an apron just like that cute green one with the ruffels, only in red. I love the fact that she is a christian first and has such good ideas for the homemaker. I love the forum!!!! I love your blog too!God bless!! Sharon

  23. Well well well....I have NEVER seen a little oven like that...I am a poser too...I must have one!!!!!!!! PRECIOUS! My fave blog is Aiken House and Gardens...she blows me away. Love her blog

  24. what an adorable blog! I would love to be entered in the contest! Aunt Ruthie's is my fave, too.....

  25. Love this blog
    Found you from Aunt Ruthie and now I have two favorites, please enter me in for the sign, just darlig

  26. I love Aunt Ruthie's blog, it is probably my favorite, so all the same reasons you mentioned in your post. She is such a inspiration and motivator. Just as your pantry has been for me. It is now on my "to do" and "LOVE THIS" binder, just as Aunt Ruthie's pantry.
    Now, I plan on scootin on out of here and reading some more of your blog. It's adorable.
    BTW, I love your sign! I love it so much I could "marry it". :) Thanks Dee for such a wonderful tribute to Aunt Ruthie!

  27. Hi Dee!

    I found you through the Farmhouse :) Thank you for entering me in your giveaway :) That sign is just too cute! I am really enjoying your blog. Great pantry and that lil stove is adorable! I have so many favorite blogs, it's hard to pick one :)I do like Pioneer Woman, she is so real and her recipes to die for. Thanks again and have a blessed day!


  28. Hi Dee...well I don't think I could of said it any better about Aunt Ruthie as you did..I too
    love her blog and the forum...and I love yours and your DH done a wonderful job on your pantry...and oh I do love the sign it is just as sweet as can be...would love to be entered in for the drawing...thanks... you are a great inspiration...
    Sweet Blessings...

  29. Hi Dee!
    I am new to your blog it so nice here! I am a new member on the forum, that is how I found your very cute blog! You said it just right about Aunt Ruthie, I love her blog and everything she shares.
    Your sign is so cute, love it! Take care and God bless you!

  30. I love your pantry and your blog!

  31. You have inspired me with your neat pantry! We just finished building our dream cabin and the only 2 things I really wanted were a pantry and a porch. My pantry has a glass door with "pantry" etched into it, but I love your "fried green tomatoes" door! Your blog is so cute. I just started one and am inspired to make it as cute as yours.

  32. OH MY GOODNESS!! Dee! I am speechless! I was browsing the forum and clicked on the topic of favorite blogs which led me here to a "farmgirls dream-land"...and it was like opening the door to a surprise party...and the party was for me!! Woo Hoo! As I began reading my mouth opened wide and my eyes got wider yet! I am truly overwhelmed and blessed by this outpouring of love. My heart is as warmed as a cup of cocoa on a snowy day! And OH MY GOODNESS! Everything here at Farmhouse Country Style is as CUTE AS CHRISTMAS! I love it all so much.....(you know what I'm gonna say) I wanna marry it!! Okay, and that pie sign...ADORABLE! That stove with all of the accessories STINKIN' CUTE! (and what a deal you got girl!) And HELLO! Your pantry is dreamy!! Love that screen door with Fried Green Tomatoes (one of my fave movies!!). Did you stencil that? It's fabulous! YOU'RE FABULOUS! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! Joy-bells are ringin' in my heart today!! I am honored and humbled by your kindness, more than you will ever know!!
    I am soooooo glad you are one of my Sugar Pie Sistas!!!!!!
    Hugs to you Darlin'!
    Aunt Ruthie

  33. I found your blog on Aunt Ruthie's forum and love it. I would love to win that sign. My favorite blog would have to be Aunt Ruthe's too.

  34. Cute Blog, love the cherries!

    I too love SugarPie Farmhouse, and I was a fan with Warm Pie Happy Home. I have so many favorite blogs I cannot pick just one. Cute Sign. Love to see more!

    Have a great day!



  36. Oh my gosh! I could have written this post! Like you, I too found Aunt Ruthie's blog by pure accident...and fell in love! I had to check it regularly (on my lunch hour at work ;) I always left feeling inspired and uplifted! Made me want to make my house into a home...and it has! Ruth Ann's blog is by all means my favorite blog...and now it looks as though I have a second favorite!! Farm House Country Style! Yippiee! I don't have a blog of my own...yet. I hope to, when I can find the time. Work keeps me so busy and weekends are spent w/friends, family and trying to keep up "home". I'm so excited to have found another blog!!
    Mel in MA

  37. Oh my, what an adorable blog you've made!!!!!
    I love your pantry screen door.Soooo country.
    I, like the others, found you thru Aunt Ruthie's blog. She's one of my favorites.

    IF I don't win the drawing, can I buy a Pie sign like that?

    Will be back soon,

  38. Hi Dee. Your blog is so inspirational. I guess one of my faves or Ruthies is arecent one about Life Giving You Lemons, I love it!

  39. I am a follower...and I, too, love Ruthie's blog and site. It is one of my fave's! :) Another of my faves is Eyes of Wonder. Jewels is so sweet and their family is so inspirational!!! :)
    I would love to win the sign!!! It's so cute! Thank you for the chance!

  40. I love your blog, but I have to confess that I cannot recall how I found it. just a series of links from a series of blogs, I am know those rainy Saturdays when you really have nothing to do? And I agree...if I do not win, can I buy a sign like that? It would be so adorable in my retro kitschen. (Pun intended.)
    One of my favorite blogs is
    I really want to move in there!!

  41. You're sweet to do a giveaway! I love Aunt Ruthie's blog, too! And I get so excited when I see she's posted something new! You've done a great job putting her ideas to use!

  42. Oh my honey you got it right pie does fix EVERYTHING!! I need that for my kitchen like yoiu needed that cute stove!! Ya gotta pick me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. What a delightful blog post!! I really love your farmhouse style!

    I am a recent (2 months) follower of Aunt Ruthie and I can not wait until I can move into a farmhouse of my own!!

    You make darling signs any woman would be blessed to have one gracing her wall!

  44. wow you have a beautiful kitchen ! All thta stuff you have is just to die for. Poser naw girl i don't think so when you see something as darlin as aunt ruthies kitchen/home take all the great ideas you can .)

  45. Dee, I just came over to visit you from Warm Pie Happy Home. You are so right...Ruthann is so uplifting. She really is a gift to those of us who read her. Your sign is great and I'm enjoying your blog too!

  46. Hi Dee!

    Okay, I gotta agree with you on this one...Aunt Ruthie's blog is my most favorite blog of all. It's so down home and comforting..her messages are so inspiring and I also love the coziness of her home including the love in her family!

    Count me in on this giveaway! Along with the sign I'm ordering from you. Hehe!



  47. What a fun first visit! I am now a follower and LOVE pie. I made one the other day. I have followed Warm Pie Happy Home for awhile and adore it. Ruthann has settled into the South rather well. A fav blog of mine is The Roost on wordpress. I have known her for almost 20 yrs and she encouraged me to start blogging. Her blog has a variety of topics, which is nice including what God is teaching her...and she's quite funny too.

  48. Hi there!! Thanks for visiting my blog and deciding to follow! I LOVE your blog and your pictures are beautiful!The music is great too!

  49. Oh now I won't even try to win but do have to comment that you spoke from the hearts of so many of us SPFH sistas and thank you for that. Aunt Ruthie's blog is m #1 fav.(found her through either MaryJane's Farm or The Farmchicks) and the 2nd would be The World According to Eggface because of our WLS connection. I love, love, love your blog too! It is a 'must-check' and I'm pondering what would please my heart and family most to order a sign from you. As soon as I find the right thing, you will be the one I ask to do the creating.

    Your home and artwork is just charming and you are gracious to share it with us in blogland and provide all the inspiration you do. Congrats on your new stove...just darling! At Farmchicks this year I found a dreamy pink Wolverine 40's-50's refrigerator. It is waiing in my sewing room for me to decide whether to place it there or in the kitchen. Hmm...

  50. I like that Bakery sign on the pantry and the cookie jars. My wife and I are doing some rearranging in our kitchen and replacing some stuff with recycled bottles. I think she's a bit jealous about that lil stove you got there.

  51. I have visit very first time on your blog its really nice and i hope you will post more good stuff next time.


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