Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey mommy! The sun is smiling at me!!

This is what my 2 year old son exclaimed as he peeked out the window this morning!

Too cute... :o)

Well....I guess that we can now say that we are clearly on our way to summer! Hip, hip too way--as my 2 year old Jake says! The pastels of spring are being packed away at my house and out come the red, white and blue americana in honor of memorial day and will stay up until after the fourth of July.

My garden things and silk potted flowers line my mantels and shelves but soon real flowers will wait in pots on my front porch to bloom....I cannot wait!

I have put out some of my flower arrangements to brighten the place up...we had almost 2 weeks of rain here and the sun just keeps teasing us playing hide-n-seek behind the clouds. So, I figured that today I would decorate while cloudy inside and then run outside when the sun was shinin' to weed my garden! Yeah right...I wish that I could multi task like that!

A cupboard that is now holding my gardening decor and nests....some were gifts, some homemade, some purchased and some thrift items all mixed together.....

A Basket of Geraniums....

Here is an arrangement that I made for my back hanging in my laundry room. I add a tea dyed flag for the fourth of July and take it out for the rest of the summer.....double duty!

and......last but not least.........

A New Summer Wreath.....
Just wanted to share some pictures, I still have a long way to go but I am getting my cleaning finshed up and decorating for memorial day. I ordered the ADORABLE wreath from qvc last year and it was on backorder for so long I didn't get to use it until this year.

Guess it was a popular wreath. It is made by Valerie Parr Hill and I love, love, love the summery colors and the bike is just like a real 2 year old son is whining because he really, really wants to play with it! I just hope that I can keep it up and stay sane!

Well I hope that you are having fun decorating for the season as I do....only I hope that you are making more progress than I am......I have to run...I have some gardening to do and the sun is showing for now!

Take Care, Dee


  1. Love the cupboard...very cute!

  2. Love your blog!!! Cute Cute Cute!

    Loagan Ranch


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