Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A season of

What a wonderful reason to celebrate a holiday! Our seasonal celebration of gratitude...thanksgiving. A time for reflecting upon all that is good in our lives and perhaps even a time to make things brighter for one another.
All too often I find myself in a worrisome panic over what I haven't accomplished, completed or need to find the time to do. Lately, I have decided to shift my focus and work hard on my thinking. Work very hard to ground myself with the trust that I have all that I need before me, my health, my family's heath, a roof over our head, food to nourish us and heat to warm us, and most of all the love of those who care for me and family and friends to love back.
Thank the good lord for those bountiful blessings!
Especially in times such as these ,when everyone is struggling to make ends meet and futures may sometimes seem uncertain. Relecting on the these holidays can really put things into focus.
By changing my attitude to gratitude I can put myself at peace. It is just so amazing at how things can turn around for me once I have set my mind on doing so. Putting a focus on all the good in my life and being grateful for all that I have been blessed with.

I have been so busy painting signs over the past few weeks....I looked around the other day and they were everywhere! Drying on the counters, dining room table, coffee table, if it was a flat surface you could find a sign there! I am so grateful for the work though :o)...so, I am not complaining! For that I am grateful!
Here is what you can find at my farmhouse on painting days.....
warning: it's a scary sight to behold!

Dining room taken over.
First, second....sometimes third coat.....drying, sanding, painting, drying, drying.....

This is a hand that has been busy making signs.....actually that really isn't too bad...
it has been much worse!

Kitchen table taken over by paint.....ohhh boy!

Finished signs
some waiting for touch-ups, some to be sealed...some for wire and some for hangers...
Pssst.....Let me let you in on a secret...there's a giveaway hidden in that pile somewhere for one of my wonderful followers....will be begin sometime before Friday afternoon....
Once they are sealed and ready to go......
Pictures are taken to post in the Mercantile...
Well, I try to take the photos...
sometimes, I am interupted....
Chickens being chased by a little boy.....
and sometimes that little boy also pops up in a few of my
sign photos...
and then the chicken runs away....
and the little boy stays for one more photo before resuming his
chicken chase....
poor Abby the chicken....she sure got her exercise today!
Alrighty....days 1 & 2 down! Now only about 8 more to go!
Soon to be listed in the mercantile in a few days, promise.
Shoot me an email if you see anything that you like!

Boy! It sure is alot of work for such a small time operation!

If you are looking for holiday gifts be sure to check out the
Farmhouse Mercantile
for those finished signs! I hope that you are enjoying your season of gratitude....
Take Care,


  1. My you've been a busy girl. Your site changed its look awhile back and I love it. But I thought I was at a new and different blog! Good to see you back. I knew it was your blog when I saw your little cute boy!

    The signs are great! I'll be back to visit!

  2. GReat work on those signs... I hope I am in the running! Good luck this season with your store- I'm sure those cute items will sell fast.

  3. Love the signs! Cute pics too :) -Tammy

  4. This post made me smile, for so many reasons! I like those signs that you're making, and I can relate to the whole creativity process spilling out all over the kitchen and dining room tables! And any post with a chicken on the loose is great, but that picture of your little boy peaking around the post is priceless!

  5. I love coming here Dee and love looking at your farmhouse and love love your signs.:)

  6. living in the moment is something i strive to do daily though the fears and worrying do pop up and ruin it all! trusting in God is so important...i too have to work on that. love your creativity. will pop in your shop!

  7. What a beautiful post! You are so right - it is all about being grateful - we are so very blessed - even in the midst of "it" all. I like your attitude towards gratitude. And beautiful signs by the way - I understand the coffee table and every other service being covered - mine is like that nearly every day!! I feel your pain! Precious lil' boy too! Have a blessed evening! Cathy

  8. Very pretty. You did a great job.


  9. What a beautiful blog you have! I look forward to visiting often. Come over to http://grannymountain.blogspot.com for a visit! Joycee

  10. I am so glad I discovered your blog today! thanks!

  11. I thought I was at a new and different blog! Good to see you back.

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