Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Indian Summer Days and a GBP giveaway!

I looooove Gooseberry Patch!

I have purchased many things from their catalogs over the years and I also had a (ridiculously simple) recipe published in one of their Christmas Cookbooks about 7 or 8 years ago, which I will have to dig out and post one of these days. So I have to spread the news when they are offering something wonderful..............sooooooo.....

If you are a GBP lover too, get on over to their new blog and check it out, it is soo cute and they are having 2 giveaways, one for a $200 G.C. (Yipppeee!) and another for 3 of their awesome cookbooks. Click the link on my side bar, scroll down and sign up!

You can send the email links to all your friends and sign up for the G.C. For the cookbooks you only have to post a link on your blog to sign up! How easy is that? Definately worth a try.

Their cookbooks are soooo wonderful, they have great recipes, craft projects and ideas, if you have never read one you will LOVE it! (no I do not work for them, I really do like their products! He, he!).

As for the autumn porch decorating contest thrown by Front porch ideas and more....THANK YOU to all of you who took the time to leave such wonderful comments for me, I love all my awesome blogger friends, your support was touching!!

My farmhouse porch wasn't the winner but Congratulations to Dee of Medford, Massachusetts, her beautiful porch was the winner! She was very deserving, what a cute porch she has! I have to say there were so many beautiful porches entered I just don't know how they made their final decisions, it must have been so hard!
Here's the link if you would like to drool a little over the other contestants photos, I did (I am a porch lover of all sorts)......

With this post I will leave you with a few photos (okay, alot of photos) of a day trip we took the other day to my most favorite local historical places....Wharton State Forest. We dropped everything on one of those Indian Summer Days and headed out of doors for some sunshine and fresh air. and picture posin'.

The Old Saw Mill

A once abandoned town, now state forest, it is a historical site that is smack dab in the middle of the Pinelands, and it is nothing short of beautiful this time of the year. Once a functioning village, it made supplies during the revolutionary war for the continental army. As an iron working village it once used the bog iron that is rich in this area in it's production and later the village became a glassmaking community. Lots of history here, our family loves history.

The Corn Crib

My 11 year old daughter, said to me while there, "Do you ever wonder what keeps bringing us back to this place over and over again?", exclaiming how much she likes going there too. I did wonder once she said that, maybe something more than the peacfulness of this beautiful place has something more that keeps drawing me back there.

Do you have any place that brings you back time and time again, a place that you could never tire of?

Grist Mill

My 11 year old Kart Wheelin' Superstar!

The beautiful Autumn Colors.....enjoy the splendor
before winter takes hold!

My oldest (left) & a BFF....
She can't leave home without at least one of them!


My tuckered out toddler....
Yes, he slept all the way home!

I will be back later this week with another post,
I am in the midst of finishing up a few projects and I have a surprise for you all too.
I hope you all are well and enjoying the beauty of this season!!

Hugz :o)......


  1. What wonderful pictures Dee. You have beautiful kids too. We have a little mountain town close by that we love to visit. I blogged about it, but that was about a visit there years ago. I did get over my embarrassment, eventually :-)

  2. I love gooseberry patch things as well!!! :)

    I love all the pics you took and shared with us!!!! Sooo beautiful! :)

  3. Hi Dee,
    I can see why you and your family love the Mill, its so beautiful and peaceful. It must smell good too, I love the smell of the country and all the trees.
    I think its great the kids still want to go and enjoy it.
    I don't know if I have one special place that draws me in, I enjoy so many places.
    I really enjoyed your post, have a great day,

  4. Wonderful pictures of your day out in the country! And I'm so happy to discover that porch ideas website! I love decorating ours, and am always looking for inspiration. Yours is gorgeous!
    Have a great day!


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