Friday, July 17, 2009

By the Campfire

We sat around the campfire
On a chilly night
Telling spooky stories
In the pale moonlight
Then we added some more logs,
To make the fire bright,
And sang some favorite camp songs
Together with all our might.
And when the fire flickered and embers began to form
.We snuggled in our sleeping bagsall cozy, tired, and warm.

Author unknown

Well, we are off on another camping trip.....

To soak in the wilderness and roast marshamallows over the open fire, catch butterflies by daylight and firelies by starlight.

Sleeping under the starry skies, bike rides, fishing, hiking,
swiming in the lake and lots of much needed R&R.

We're going to visit the civil war period in Gettysburg. I love history and we were there last year but have found ourselves making our way back there this summer again.
It is such a peaceful little town considering all that once happened there.
I love the old architechture and the history you breath in while there.

I can't wait for all of the cute lil country shops that await me and
we're even going to a country fair!

I will post all of the details when I return next week.
I wish you all lots of SUNSHINE while I am gone!!!

Take care now,


  1. Good Evening,
    Right now you are just down the road from me-I live about 30 minutes from Gettysburgh-love that place. I just wanted to pop in and say hi-no wI am off to read more of our delightful blog! Love your porch!!!

  2. Hi Dee :)

    I found you through Cynthia and I just love your blog. Have a great time camping :)


  3. I loved that post!!! The picture is great too.

  4. Hi Dee - I love the Civil War era. I hope ya'll have a wonderful trip! We've visited Vicksburg and several places in the "old south". I can just see the characters come to life and imagine myself there in a long sweeping Scarlet O'Hara dress. Wish I could do some time-traveling! Thanks for stopping by! You have a great blog!

  5. Looks as though you had a wonderful time! My brother does the Civil war re-enactments. My son and daughter have attended various Balls in the area. They make their own costumes. I love your camper. Adorable! and you have it decorated so sweetly.

  6. Hi, Your camping trip must have been awesome. It sure looked like you had a lot of fun. I think my favorite part of fall is to sit on my deck and watch all the leaves fall and the beauty of it all. But it is also sad to see everything die and fade away. One of my favorite things is to decorate for fall and the halloween season. LINDA G. from PA. Your giveaway looks awesome!


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