Monday, June 27, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

 Let me waste no more time in announcing the winner of the two
Cookbook Giveaways

Quick and Easy Christmas
won by

The second giveaway from the
Farmhouse Country Style Facebook Page
101 Easy Everyday Recipes
won by
Lori Peterson

Let me know where to send your can send me a message on Facebook and I'll get them out to you.

If any of you would like to purchase either of these wonderful cookbooks you can do so here.

Okay...I won't go into the details of the overdue...Quick and Easy giveaway....cause I really like all of you and it's boring and repetitive.  I will politely say that we had some more technical difficulties this week....and now I'm fed up!

Now, a new computer purchase is being plotted....yes, this 'puter will be getting the boot sometime's days are officially numbered!!  Muwahahahahah! 

I'll be back soon folks!

Take Care,  Dee


  1. Congratulations to the Winners!!

    Yippee on the new computer, Dee. We miss your post!!

    Have a good Monday!

  2. That's AWESOME!!! I'm so happy! Thank you, thank you!!!

  3. Dee, you were so sweet to do a giveaway. Congratulations to the lucky gals who were the winners. Looking forward to your future posts.

  4. LOVE your blog!! You make me long to be back in the country. I added you to my favorites. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures. Blessings, Lisa

  5. Hello Dee!
    I just found your blog and I thought, I've found a kindred spirit! I just started a blog recently but am planning to start a different one (now that I've been bitten by the bug!) and your style is so similar to what I am wanting...vintage, country, GBP..etc! Finding the graphics that I want has been a major battle though :/ But more than that, being country women and loving our life :)
    Even though you are away for a while...I totally understand what you are going thru with your father-in-law. My dad battled cancer for several years before he passed away in 2005...but I look forward to following your blog and will be looking for you.
    Pray that all is going well...
    A new follower~
    Velma (coming soon!)

  6. Dear blog friends,
    I am trying to put together a bloggers board.
    This board would contain the name of the blog, the first name of the author ( last name, if you allow ) and birthday-- month and day only.
    Once I get this put together, I will email to all participants.
    If you know of others who would like to be listed, please give them my email address so I can add them.
    I just think it would be handy to know when our friends birthdays are so we can send them our best wishes.
    Those of you who have not yet sent me your address, please do. These will not be part of the blog board, but for my own personal address book. I like to send cards now and then.

  7. Hi, I just noticed that I won! Wow that's so exciting! How do I contact you?


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