Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

To all the Great Dads out there!
We are celebrating Father's Day this year with a full heart.  After months of chemotherapy and prolonged hospital stays we have my Dad home once again.  This last bout was a hard and long road for my father, taxing, scary and hard.  But he fought it.  We fought it.  With many, many, prayers.  All answered.  Because now, as of last week, we received word that his first scan since his last treatment showed that he is now clear of cancer, thank God.

I am so very, very, grateful.....To have him here.....

To have him healthy.

To be able to celebrate how blessed I have been having him as my father another year means the world to me.  Thank you for all the prayers, concern, and support you have shown us.
Now, I want to wish my wonderful husband a Happy Father's Day!  You are a GREAT father.

We've said it before and will say it are supportive, loving, guiding, funny, a great cook, a patient teacher, kind, an excellent fisherman, wrestler, and you know lots of things (according to your son),  a great study partner, and overall a great example.

Thank you for being a wonderful Father to our children.
We love you very much and we are your biggest  

(corny I know...but we are, lol.)


On another note, I'm sorry I've been so far behind in my blogging...along with everything else!  I am wrapping up things at work for the summer and will have more time now that school has let out.  Thank you for being so patient with me and understanding.  It has been a long year full of adjustments. 

I haven't forgotten the giveaway and I will be announcing the winner in a few days! 
Thank you all for entering!

Take care!


  1. The most important thing is your dad is doing well and I am so glad for you. Blogging is always here when you have time. Happy Father's Day to you all and enjoy!

  2. Praise The Lord!! I am so happy that your dad is cancer free!!! I am sure this is the best Father's Day ever!!

  3. Oh, what great news to hear your dad is doing well. I will continue to pray for him and the rest of your sweet family. Enjoy your time off with your kids and husband. Pack in all the summer fun you can!
    Love from Texas~Donna

  4. A lovely post, I am soo happy for your dad and family !
    It will be great to have ya back into blog land !
    Have a wonderful day !

  5. Answered prayers! Blessings to you and your dad.

  6. Great blog. So glad to hear that your Dad is doing much better. Will keep him in my prayers.

  7. Dee, what a precious post. Praise the Lord that you have your Daddy with. What a blessing for him and yourself.You can just hear your excitement in your post. Wonderful!!!!!! My Dad left this earth last year. Kinda of different for me this year, not having him here to celebrate Father's Day.

    Hugs sweet friend, Linda

  8. So grateful Dee to hear about your father.Thank you for letting us know how you are all doing. Happy Father's Day and many continued blessings to you and yours.

  9. I am so thrilled to hear the news about your dad! What a blessing!

    Have a wonderful summer! I look forward to seeing what else you are up to.

  10. what a wonderful treasured fathers day you all had! so good to hear the greaat news :0

  11. Oh, Dee, I am so thrilled to hear this good news and what an appropriate time to be able to let us know! YAY for your dad and for answered prayers.



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