Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Fishin' We All Went!

A Fishing Birthday Party....

 for my baby....who is becoming a big boy too fast!

When I asked him what kind of party he wanted for his birthday this year he exclaimed a "Fishing Party momma!"  He loves to fish with his Daddy so I knew this would be a party that would really suit his interest and mean something for him.  It took a little planning, but it was all put together with very little effort,
and rather low cost and when all was said and done, I enjoyed putting it together!

So a Fishin' we all went!

I packed brown bag lunches for each child, with a sub, gold fish, and raisins.
Each child received a fishing hat, small tackle box, a cane fishing pole and candy "bait" for favors.

He has an old fashioned all boy theme in his big boy room so I plucked a few of his decorative items off the shelves and used them on our buffet table where the adults could assemble a sandwich for themselves.

An antique tackle box holds favor bags of "bait". 

A local park served as the beautiful backdrop for our party, so peaceful and serene.

Thats my Birthday Boy on the playground in his fishing vest.
It was great for keeping the children busy in between fishing and games like
"Pass the Bait Bucket"

The children each used a baited cane pole to fish for sunnies off the dock.

A few caught a fish....

While a few played with the worms.

I don't know who had more fun...the kids or the dads!

After washing up they sat down to eat their fishing lunches.....

And then we sang Happy Birthday and ate
Simple Homemade Chocolate Cupcakes, my sons favorite, with bass toppers my sweet SIL made for us.

and we sent them home with goodie bags of "BAIT"... make that kid bait!
Gummy worms, inside celophane sacks tied with a homemade bait fish tag that we wrote a short thank you note on the back of.

Well I hope this post finds you all well.  Things have changed here in our farmhouse and my family is still adjusting to school and their momma having a job there.  I love my new job, seriously, I do.  I am still trying to find a balance with juggling work and a family (my number one priority) which can be a challenging but we are managing just fine!
I will be working on some autumn signs and am almost finished with the fall decor so I'll be sharing in my next post.  Enjoy your week and Take Good Care of yourself!


  1. What a special birthday he'll always remember!

  2. What a sweet idea Dee!

    Many Blessings,

  3. One of the best party ideas ever!

    Flora Doora

  4. Adorable birthday boy and fishing party! Such a beautiful idea and Dee you are so creative.Congratulations on birthday and new job.Wishing your family a healthy and happy school year and best wishes for you. ~Emelia~

  5. Well just look at that! I'm making mental notes because I'm sure I'll have a fishin' lovin' son someday! Great tablescape Dee! Looks like a fab time!


  6. What a great post ! A perfect idea for the little fisherman, Looks like all had a great time. I am glad to hear you enjoy your job good for you, you go girl. Have a great week !

  7. dee, you are SO CREATIVE!!!!!!!!! what a super fantabulous birthday party!! i especilly love that a thank you was given to the kids who were blessed to come.

    happy birthday to your sweet and adorable son!


  8. Such a simple concept.. that turned out perfect! Love it!! Makes me wanna go fishing too - haven't been in years. And a belated Happy Birthday to your little cutie pie :) -Tammy

  9. What a great idea...everything looks like a fun day. I love the use of green, you see red and blue all the time. Right down to the gummy worms it looks like a perfect little boys dream party.

  10. Dee, I love this whole thing! The pics are fabulous, the favors are genius, and more importantly, your execution of your little boys wish for his party is precious!!! You should enter this in a contest(I don't know where or what kind), this is a true WINNER!!!

  11. what a great party..
    You are so creative..
    Stop by for a visit to enter my giveaway..
    Hope to see you soon..

  12. Wow Dee! This was fantastic, I smiles all the way through the post!! I LOVE all of your ideas and I am making some mental notes... My boy loves him some fishin' too! Really REALLY Cute! It looks like you had such a nice time!! I can't wait to see your fall signs!! I need a fall sign, I 'm not even sure what I'm looking for yet, but I'm know I'll know it when I see it~Something Harvesty! :-) Can't wait to see your fall decor too!! You have such a nice touch.
    Take Care,

  13. Hi Dee! Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog - I'm so glad you did because it led me here to this fantastic gathering! I would love to feature this Fishing party!

  14. Hi Dee!
    What a great idea for a little boy's birthday party. I'm sure a good time was had by all! Your little boy is so cute. Seeing him takes me back to when my guys were that age. Thanks for sharing all the excitement with us. You are such a great mom and you go the extra mile to make things so special for your family. God bless you all.


  15. Just found your blog through Farm Tails blog. I love it! This is the best idea for a cool birthday party. You did a great job with the theme, decor and all the little details. You are awesome. So glad I found your blog!
    Amy at Verde Farm-your newest google follower:)

  16. What a great theme for your son's birthday party :)

  17. Oh my gosh, so cute, you can bet there will be lots of fishing parties after you posting this ! You get the blue ribbon party award !

  18. Fantastic! It all looks beautiful ~ especially the happy Birthday Boy!


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