Monday, July 12, 2010

Crab Boil 2010

It's Crab Boiling time again...

Ahhh, I should have known that when I was taking these photos
they would come back to haunt me. 
Tease me.....yes, taunt me.

Mouth watering.

WARNING:  If you are a Seafood may not want to look at these photos,
they are just plain naughty.

Alright...I'm not going to show you all these photos without sharing the recipe so you can have a Crab boil of your very own...that would be just plain cruel. lol.  So here goes:

Low Country Crab Boil
Shuck 6-8 ears of corn & break in half
1 lb. of petite red "taters"
1 lb. of sausage-sliced into 1" pcs.

1 lb. Fresh Mussels
1 lb. of fresh little neck or mahogany clams

1 lb. of king crab legs
1 lb. blue claw crabs
1 lb. shrimp
**Fill a large pot (I use my canner with metal inserts removed) 1/2 way with water, add 2 cups chicken stock , 2 T Zataran's Liquid Crab Boil, 2 bay leaves, 1/4 c fresh parsely chopped. 2 T old Bay Seasoning
**Boil sausage, taters and corn for apx. 20 minutes or until taters are soft.
**Remove taters and corn with slotted spoon or tongs reserving broth in pot.

Yeah, go ahead girl, slap some butter on those cobs n taters!  You know you wanted to.  Put aside in a seperate covered dish to keep warm.

**Into the simmering broth layer (in order) Clams, then lobster claws and cook for 3 minutes. 
**Next layer king crab legs, blue claw crabs, then mussels and cook for 3 more minutes. 
(Leave everything in the pot...and proceed to next step)

Is your mouth watering yet....don't worry we're almost finished!
**Lastly, add the shrimp on top.  Cover and boil for apx. 3-5 minutes or until shrimp is PINK.
Remove everything with tongs.
***reserve the stock ***
***I make a red Clam Chowder, using the broth, left over taters and corn....
everything marinates in the broth and it is the best chowder evah!***
(You can also freeze it for future use.)

 **Serve with melted butter, garlic butter, and
Homemade cocktail sauce made from 1 c ketchup, and 1/4 c. grated horseradish.

Grab Your Claw Crackers and go to not expect this to be a neatly eaten meal...
that's just not going to happen!
Fresh homemade coleslaw to go with it.
Make sure your table is layered with a plastic table cloth then covered in newspaper, plastic plates and cups for easy cleanup! I put out wood crab crackers and lobster picks with a whole roll of papertowels...this meal is to be enjoyed, no fancy eatin' here, you will be a mess when through!

Now if you compare the cost of making this meal to the cost of going out to a good seafood restaraunt and feeding 8-10 people this wins hands down.  We live along the Jersey shore so Fresh Seafood is readily available and sold at a reasonable cost to us.  We spend alot of summer days catching our own crabs and clamming so if you can do the same you can eat your own catch as part of the meal too.

My family looks forward to this each summer.  Lots of great memories have been made around our Crab boil table and I can't wait for the next one.

Take care,


  1. Oh my goodness, it all looks so tasty! I'm a big seafood lover too, so I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to have it all so readily available to you. Next time save me a seat right by the homemade cole slaw!

  2. this looks so good! i love the newspapers on the table so fun (and practical!) have a super week! susan

  3. Bring me a giant BIB! This looks great - I love seafood & I like to get elbow-deep in it!

  4. Oh my heavens, I could just eat to my hearts content, I do love this, hugs

  5. oh yum!!! I have only eaten 1 crab boil in my life and loved it...copying the recipe...thanks for sharing..) also would love the chowder recipe with the leftover broth you spoke of.:)

  6. Beautiful table Dee. You are a wonderful hostess.I grew up on the barrier island off of Charleston SC and helped my grandfather go crabbing. Now as a grown up I am allergic to shellfish and avoid all seafood. Too bad but I can enjoy your "table"... thanks again for a great post! It brought back very fond memories and nice times.~Take care Emelia~

  7. Cute blog, I am happy to find it! It's nice to meet someone who seems to change their front porch decor as frequently as I do!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Bye for now! :o)

  8. yes, my mouth is watering after looking at that load of yummy food.
    Your blog is darling, and I love your photos. I'll be back when I have more time for really looking around! Thanks for stopping by the Cottage.

  9. Look's wonderful ! I just love your blog! So full of life and fun! Cant wait to see what ya post next. I myself try to put everything in our blog but find it hard sometimes, I am retired and its just hubby and me,our kids come visit every now and then so not a lot goes on here lol, but the two of us manage every day to get into something fun lol . Our Country Cove is pretty quiet now a days! Thanx so much for sharing !

  10. That looks soo good !!! We are having a b-day bbq in August, do you have a good gumbo recipe?
    If so, would you share it with me, thank you.

  11. Wow!! I am so glad I found you(via Funky Junk)!! Gotta go to the dentist, but will be back to read more later, this is great stuff!

  12. Hey Dee! Everything looks wonderful! Especially that coleslaw! Would you be able to share the recipe? I like my recipe all right but it could use a bit of tweaking. Thanks! Johanna


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