Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

So, what do you do when you want to show your love and appreciation to great Dad's at our farmhouse on Father's Day? You don't take these guys out to a fancy restaraunt, nope, that just isn't their style. You can't make them dress in their Sunday best, and you don't even tell them that they have to use the fancy china... Not in this family, not these guys, they get to do something they like on their special day and you make it casual and fun....
You have a crab boil! Not just any ol' crab boil either....a crab, clams, shrimp and lobster boil! Their favorite type of food...seafood. You set a very casual table, make everyone comfortable and throw a bunch of good food into a pot!
If you are wondering about the precise art of having a crab boil, I am going to illustrate and explain...lets start:
First, you take a HUGE pot...I mean REALLY HUGE! Next, you get your water boiling ....some Old Bay seasoning and secret ingredients mixing it all up in there. Mmmm, smell that? Heavenly!
Then you take some red taters, boil them for 15 minutes.
Now add some fresh sweet corn on the cob. Throw them into the boil on top of the taters for 10 more minutes.
Next, you take some smoked sausage and slice it into 2" pieces, and throw that into the boil.
Let that all roll around in the HUGE pot for 5 more minutes. With a slotted spoon put everything onto a platter, leaving the boiling water in the pot. I cover it tightly with tin foil.
Now, for the really good LAYER in this order....king crabs, Lobsters, shrimp, and then lastly the clams.....some of it will be sitting on top of the water and will be steamed. Put the lid on the huge pot!
Boil at a low temperature for 15 more minutes and then remove everything with tongs and the slotted spoon, draing the water from your huge pot and put everything back in with the lid to keep warm. Now proceed to your fully prepared table....right this way folks.
A properly prepared table for a crab boil consists of the following: a plastic table cloth, news paper (yes you read that right) crab crackers, mallets and anything else you can use to get that juicy seafood from it's shell.
Remember, this is a mans meal and you are allowed to eat like a heathen! Just kiddin, but maybe not! Bring in some mismatched kitchen chairs, ignore the bad lighting, the fellas don't care about that! Lots of paper towels, lemonade for the children and summer ales for the papa's and uncles. Fruity drinks for the mama's and the aunts......some homemade coleslaw, garlic butter, and........
did I mention rolls and rolls of paper towels? Heed my warning, have lots handy!

You put one happy grandpa (pop-pop to my children) and.....

and a happy daddy in front of this mess, yes, right on that newpaper....(nothing fancy remember) and ya'll dig in! My Hubs and Father enjoy this meal alot...they barely spoke!!

Happy Father's Day to the important men in my life.....
My father, who I love so very much, you are a great father, loving, a good care giver, and he can fix anything! I was a lucky girl when god chose you to be my daddy! I love you!
My hubs who is a wonderful father to our children. He loves them with all of his heart and it shows....He works his tail end off for us and he would bend over backwards to make his babies happy....and you are the silliest man on earth and you keep us laughing all the time!
I love you very much and thank you for being such a great dad!
My brother, David, although you do not have your own children, you are my Cassidy's god father and so very good to all my children and
we love you very much too!
My Brother, Shawn, although I don't see you very often, you are missed and a wonderful father to your beautiful girls, we love you too!
My brother, Mathew, your time is coming fella! I can't wait! Ha!
Happy Father's Day, we love you very much!


  1. aawww how beautiful!! Thank You for Sharing!!

  2. Hi Dee!
    Man, I love seafood! I hardly ever prepare it but watch out when I get to my favorite restaurant for KING CRAB! YOWZA! Your meal looked WONDERFUL and maybe, just maybe I'll try it some time...even the potatoes, corn and sausage sounded good!

  3. I have bookmarked this page - thankyou so much, I know my husband will LOVE this!

  4. whew wee! Now thats one heck of a meal! You have to check out my post from might like it as well!

  5. Oh everything looks so delicious.


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