Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Is Not A Day Nor Season

Christmas is not a Day or Season but
A Condition of the Heart and Mind.

I know it has been some time since I have posted.  Christmas is now upon us and our I hope all of your hearts are reflecting the essence of it.  Life has been moving rather quickly for me lately and it seems the more I have to do the faster it moves!  I'm sure alot of people feel that way.  We have slowed down this year and instead of the rush of Christmas we are focusing our minds on the condition of Christmas instead.....

My eyes have been opened this year to a Christmas of a different kind. 
With my father being ill and receiving treatments I will be grateful to see him on Christmas day like no other.  We are keeping prayers that he will be out of the hospital and well enough to see his family, that is his and all of our Christmas wish this year, that he will get well.

 I have seen another side of Christmas this year with my new job and the Christmas toy drive that they run each year.  All started by a grieving coworker who had to work through the holidays after loosing her son years ago.  Christmas for families, made by the generousity of others and hard work and dedication of those running it.  The amount of familes  that need help this year was eye opening, it brought out the true meaning of Christmas for alot of people. So many of them were just like me, anyone's situation could change in the blink of an eye.  I am so blessed to be a part of it.

It has made getting to the stores, rushing through the crowds at the mall, perfectly decorating the house so much less important.  Not that it ever really was the most important but it certainly set my priorities in order!  We have scaled back on everything.  What needs to get done will, simply put.  We need to focus only on what is truly important and that is FAMILY and LOVING and taking care of one another. It is not at all about presents that have been given out but about the love of Christmas that has been shown to me and I am so very grateful for the awakening, what a gift that is.

We have carried on with our Christmas Traditions of course.  Decorating the tree, sprucing up the house, wrapping gifts and baking of course.  Watching favorite Christmas movies and singing Carols. Only focusing on what should be done and narrowing down lists of what once was accomplished.  But this year, things have been scaled back.  Every single decoration did not have to go out, I chose only those that were important to me and that is what we used.  With all of that said, my Son still has the twinkle in his eye and excitement in his heart...he is so very excited by all of Christmas.

Inspite of all that is going on in my life right now, this is probably one Christmas that I will remember the best.   

Let me share a few things that we have prepared for this Christmas......

Pretty Papers
A new, antique, enamelware table. 
Set up as my wrapping center this year.
A large flower pail holds all the colorful wrapping paper next to it.
I keep everything within easy reach to wrap everything in a jif.  On Christmas day the paper will be put away table will be used to hold deserts.

Mixing and matching the wrapping paper, with plaids, polka dots and retro looking papers keeps it colorful!
A  Homemade Christmas
Homemade corncob potpourri to add to my holiday gift baskets.
Apple slices and cinnamon sticks grace the baked apple bags and orange peels and cloves are in the orange spice bags...mmmmmm they smell soooo good on the wrapping table while they await their recipients packages.

Homemade "snowballs" sit in an enamelware bowl all wrapped up to go in
other gift baskets with a candle. 
They make a cute centerpiece when placed around a candle

All Decked Out.....

The trees have been decorated,
and my great Aunt's nativity set out...I'll share more photos next post.
This is one of my most treasured holiday decorations.

This worn box has seen many Christmas'
A nice way to keep loved ones memories near at Christmastime. 

The ornaments have now all been hung.

The baking is still occuring...

I'm a messy, messy, baking with my kids.
I miss my girls being little with their little noses kissed with flour while they help in their Christmas aprons. 
My son occassionally strolls in and out to help, but he eats way more than he makes, lol. 

Rolled Sugar Cookies for my son's preschool class to decorate at their Christmas Party.

if you were a guest at my house this Christmas this is what I would serve you...some cute homemade Christmas tree and poinsettia pressed cookies fresh from the oven.

I hope you are all enjoying this Blessed Season, I miss you all!

This gal will be back in a few days to share a little more of
Christmas at the Farmhouse with you. 

 I will be back as soon as possible this week to share more of what has been going on at our house, thank you all for your emails and your prayers, they certainly have been helping!  
We are so grateful for your support.

There is still a Secret Giveaway going on....winner to be announced January 1st...New Years Day.

Take Care,


  1. Christmas blessings to you and your family, Dee and praying that your Dear Dad will be home for Christmas {{{Hugs}}}

  2. Howdy Dee! Such a beautiful post (as always) and so FULL of meaning. I am so happy to hear your dad is doing well and that you are celebrating with the hopes that dad will be home with you all. I know this Christmas will be full of meaning for him and all of you. You are so sweet, it's been so nice to get to "know" you and I'm wishing you ALL a VERY MERRY Christmas!
    ??Secret giveaway??

  3. I really hope your dad is able to be home for Christmas! Lovely post!! We have scaled back this year as well. It seems a lot of people are seeking to get back to the real meaning of Christmas. May you have a very blessed Christmas this year!

  4. So wonderful when you appreciate the little things.The cookies are a great idea for the little ones.I think I'll bake some for the girls to take in with there cards this week.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Hi Dee, Beautiful post and photos as well. God Bless you and your family and I pray your Christmas wish comes true. Again I can't say enough about your talents and enjoying the sleigh ride sign I purchased. I would encourage all your followers to sample your beautiful work so they too will share in your wonderful signs.Take care and many continued prayers and hugs, Emelia.

  6. Hi Dee,
    Oh, my, I didn't know that your Dad was ill or I wouldn't have bothered you with my sign order. I hope and pray that he is better soon and able to spend Christmas with you and yours. I remember well my Dad being in the hospital at Christmas time many years ago and I wish I could have spent more time with him.

    My signs arrived and are just beautiful! I love them.


  7. I'm so glad you posted. I love your home. I used your photo of your kitchen tree to do my first kitchen tree and the one of your porch to do my porch. I never tire of your photos.

    I just found out my dad is ill and I can't go home this year. Your post touched my heart. My parents care for my grandmother who also has cancer. They share her care with my aunt who is battling cancer for the 4th time. It really does make Christmas a totally different experience.

  8. What a lovely post! Such a great reminder of the importance of this time of year. Blessings, Katy

  9. Hi Dee,

    I've been listening to your play list over and over. Can you tell me what the name of the piece (and artist) for #7 on your list? It isn't a Bing Crosby piece and I just love it!!

    Thanks so much!

  10. Hi Dee, just checking in to say Merry CHRISTmas.......I can so identify with your working outside the HOME. It has been very difficult to get everything done that I used to when I was at HOME all the time. Sounds like you are learning much. Love everything about this post.

    I am so sorry about your father.......I prayed........keep us posted.
    Merry CHRISTmas sweet friend......know the Lord will keep you all close!
    Hugs, Linda
    Prairie Flower Farm

  11. OOOHHHH I just love your blog. All good things rolled into one. Good luck with your dad. Hope he makes it home for you all to enjoy together.

  12. Dear Dee, Thank you for taking time to share all your beautiful decorations and especially what's on your heart. Loved the cute homemade snowballs! My thoughts and prayers continue to be with your family.MERRY CHRISTMAS my new found friend!

  13. Dee - my husband ordered the sleigh ride sign from you for Christmas - it is soooo beautiful!!! I love it so much. I showed it to him and he went out in the other room and ordered it for me. Thank you so much!!

    Your Sugar Pie Sista,
    Christy Y.

  14. You and your family are in my prayers right *now*. I pray your dear father is well enough to eNjOy Christmas with his wonderful family. And I pray that you find some quiet moments to relax and just be still and eNjOy all that you have created - your family, home, friendships and so much more. Beautiful post. (I am envious of your perfect pictures.) Merry Christmas!

  15. Sending a prayer for your family during this time. I like what you had to say about getting priorities in order. When we really see or experience need, it changes us. My life has changed over the last few years from having everything I want to having only what I need...and struggling for it. I've found joy in turning trash into treasure; and we even started a part time business making potting benches and hutches out of "reclaimed lumber." I used to have a blog called handful of daisies, but my new site is Come visit soon! *Melanie

  16. Dear Dee,

    I am just catching up a bit on past postings. I hope that you were able to share your holiday and this special, blessed time, with you Dad. It is so difficult, isn't it?

    Sending all best wishes for the new year.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


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