Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day
to all the wonderful dads out there!

In this lifetime I have been blessed with a great father
and a wonderful husband who is also an awesome dad

~Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope. ~Bill Cosby

I have had the gift of knowing fathers who love their children unconditionally, without bounds, would do anything they can for their babies.  Love without measure. 

Protectors, Nuturers, Providers, Healers, Supporters, Biggest Fans, and Encouragers 

They have enriched our lives beyond expectations.

To my Dad......
You were one of the coolest dads I have ever known,
and you still are.
You were a loving family man by
which I set my standards to.
You have taught me valuable lessons,
always by your example.
 You taught me to value a hard days work
and that idleness and laziness
is never satifying, there is always something to do. 
 You taught me that if I do not know how to do
something, figure it out. 
Try and try again, and then try even harder.

You are strong, kind and confident.
Your compassion and kindness to others always shined.
You taught me to be strong, and to carry on
when I had to.

You taught me the importance of character,
honesty, and helping others.
You never felt sorry for yourself,
even when things were hard for you.
Your family loves you because of the way you loved us.
Love plants seeds of love afterall.

~Dad, you're someone to look up to no matter how tall I've grown. ~Author Unknown

You have been and continue to be a great Dad to me,
and pop-pop to your grandchildren.
We all love you so much Dad!!

 To my husband......

You are a kind soul.
You see the good in people first. 
You are a loyal family man.
You have sacraficed your wants for your family
many, many, many times, you're probably
the most unselfish person I know.

You are always offering up your best advice
and preaching life lessons to prepare our children.

You have taught humility and compassion toward others.
You teach that second chances are alright.....
forgiveness makes you a better person.
You are so funny, never afraid to be silly
and give us a good laugh.

You have worked hard to provide
your family with a good life always wanting the best for us.
You teach us appreciation for what we have and appreciation for what we don't have.

Furthermore, you are the kind of father who....

will re-bait a fishing pole over and over when your son casts repeatedly and looses it,
just so you can fish with him and......

The kind of Dad who celebrates (to the likes of which I have never before seen) when said son finally catches that fish or your daughter makes a homerun or a goal....and...... 

the kind of Dad who will hold his sleeping toddler on the lawn mover 
while he finishes cutting the grass because he wanted a ride
and then fell asleep....

Yup, true story....and...

Also, the kind of Dad who is never afraid to get down on the floor with his kids and be plain old silly....

and the kind of Dad who stops what he is doing to catch up with his kids and find out about their day.

I love very much. 
Thank you for being such a good Dad!
We appreciate you and hope you have
a wonderful Father's Day!

 ~Be kind to thy father, for when thou were young, who loved these so fondly as he?
He caught the first accents that fell from thy tongue and joined in thy innocent glee.~
Margaret Courtney

 To all of you celebrating the love of your Father...or fatherly figure.....
Shower them with all the love and appreciation you have in your heart,
let them know they are one of  the greatest gifts.

Take care,


  1. What a beautiful tribute. Florence

  2. A very touching tribute, thank you for sharing. Your husband sounds just like the kind of father our pastor urged all the fathers to be in service this morning.

  3. Dee..great family men in your life!!Thank you for sharing. I think it is important for the world to see..there are Godly men around..who love their families!!
    I too have them in my life.
    I always love coming to your is like coming home to a family member's house!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. You are so blessed to be able to give such tribute...

  5. Wonderful tribute to the Fathers in your life.

  6. Dee ~ what a beautiful post. I agree, you are so very blessed and thank you for sharing this with us. Hugs~ Laura

  7. nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  8. Dee, your post to your father and husband is so heartfelt. What a beautiful family you have. God has richly blessed you.


  9. I loved reading your post to your Dad.. Sounds a lot like my Dad-I thought he knew everything, he was so so smart,(although he stopped going to school in the 10th grade-never finished) I just couldnt figure it out and could take on anyone-as he was the strongest too. It wasnt until i moved out, and realized he just watched a lot of Nova on Channel 6 (pbs) 60 Min. & History Channel. But Hey that is ok with me- I still go to him for the why-'s i dont know the answer to-for my own kids.
    Great Blog- a new follower and thanks for stopping by my blog as well.


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