Sunday, May 30, 2010


Happy Memorial Day.....

Hang that bunting and wave those flags proudly from your porch posts,
in appreciation. 

Today my family will Remember our fallen soldiers, those who have served our country and those who are still serving. The soldiers who have fought for our freedoms and those who have made the ultimate sacrafice.

My young cousin will be heading to afghanistan in the coming months after being stationed in Alaska for a short time, please pray for his safe return.

Thank you to all those soldiers and their families, thank you for your service and dedication to our country. 

Take Care,


  1. Hope you had a great weekend! Your Cousin will; be in my thoughts : )

    Gemma @

  2. Great post....and I will remember your cousin. We live in the GREATEST country there ever was or ever will be...thank God for the soldiers who make it that way!

  3. Hi Dee, Happy Memorial Day! God Bless all those who serve including your cousin. Emelia.

  4. Coming from a military family(my dad being a career navy man)..It's an HONOR to know that your cousin will be off protecting us here in the states..He will be in my prayers..GOD BLESS HIM..

  5. Amen! God Bless all those soldiers and their families. Beautiful post.

  6. Amen!Wonderful post!
    I am new here so glad I found your's so cute!


  7. since 9-11 our flag is proudly hung year round. i will pray for your cousins safe return too. susan

  8. Dee, I love your blog!! I was just at your shop blog and could seriously go crazy there!! Your style is so, so cute and I love it. Do you still have your Mrs. Claus/cookies sign? I would love to get that for my Mom sometime in the coming months for Christmas. In fact, I wouldn't mind getting one for me, too!

    I also noticed your play list "In My Daughters Eyes" by of my all time favorites, gives me chills and misty eyes every time.

    Hope your weekend is filled with great family fun.



  9. I'm new to blogs and after browsing through several in the past couple weeks I am pleased to say as soon as I found yours I felt right at home. Having said that though, I'm a little lost. Other than post comments is there another way to communicate?
    Take Care


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