Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Turning Sweet.

Oh where in the world does the time go?

I've probably already said that in several other posts, right?  Milestones come up so much quicker than we ever think they will, days flow gently into one another and sooner or later our children begin to grow up. 

My oldest child has hit one of those important milestones this year, once twirling around as only little girl's can, full of boundless energy, she has turned one full turn into a young woman right before our very eyes.  What an amazing and beautiful blessing. 

Throughout the years a mother's heart rejoices in the fact that her child has graciously become a lady and at the very same time her heart grieves that child that no longer is.  (just a little melancholy about it all I guess, lol.) 

Sweet sixteen is such an important birthday for a young girl.  Her future lay before her, the possiblities endless and she has the world in her hands.  We will celebrate her coming of age with joy and admiration.  It truly is something special.   

My daughter is growing up quickly now and in only a couple more years she'll be off to college and starting to plan the rest of her life.  As hard as the teen years can sometimes be, perhaps I am now realizing that nothing truly good ever comes easy. 

Every relationship has a bump of sorts every now and again, lol.  We've undoubtedly hit a few bumps in the road during these teen years, as most parents do.  Little bumps, you know, the average eye rolling, mumbling, and dragging of the feet variety, but even so, she really is a great kid....Loving, Loyal, Joyful, Fun, Honest, Dedicated, and Considerate.  I couldn't ask for better qualities to be truthful.   I am proud of her and the young lady she is. 

If you can value truth
above approval,
and friendship over beauty,
wealth or fame,
If you can share your gifts
and talents wisely,
leaving someone better off
than when you came....
If you find happiness
in simple pleasures
and see the rainbow, not the falling rain,
If you have faith to keep right on believing
in miracles that no one else can explain,
If you look until you see the good in others
and keep your spirit honest, true, and free,
then you'll be, not just happy and successful,
but the woman only you
were meant to be.
If you could see
all the flowers in the world,
If you could hear
all the laughter in the universe,
If you could make all the dreams
that ever were wished come true,
Then you would know
a little part of the joy
of having and loving
a daughter like you.
Emily Matthews

Our family memories of my daughter through the years......

Her unfolding into the rose she has bloomed into....
A stroll down life's Memory Lane with us...
come along if you like.
16 Candles...
For you my girl......
Happy Birthday!

My pregnancy with you was an interesting one, especially since you were my first.  You wanted the world to know you were on your way for sure.  You were the most active baby, and did somersaults in my belly, you never stopped moving.  You still haven't, lol. 

Looking back it was no surprise that you came three weeks early.  The pregnancy was taxing, but you were such a joy as a babyYour dimpled smile could light me up like no other. It is no secret that you had your daddy wrapped around your chubby little finger the moment he laid eyes upon you...

As a toddler your energy was boundless. I couldn't wait for you to walk.  Talking came first, very early as a matter of fact.  Once you started walking we couldn't get you to sit still (consequentially neither did I, lol).  Once you began to talk, well everyone knew who you were!

I couldn't keep clothes on you for the life of me.  You were my nature baby and wanted to be free!  Thank god our neighbors were like a bunch of grandparents to you and they got such a kick out of you regardless of what you were (or weren't) wearing.  Chubby baby legs and all.

You didn't have the patience for dance.....and wanted to teach the class instead!   You sure did look cute in those tu-tu's though

When we signed you up to play sports, it was because we needed an outlet for ALL THAT ENERGY!  It turned out that you loved it, and still do.  You really are as good as everyone says girlie, remember that and keep a level head.

You were always Gabby Gertie in class but somehow your teachers couldn't help but love you.  You have a wonderful sense of humor still. 

I love that you are still not afraid to be silly, and you really crack me up with some of the crazy things you do!  You have always been a clown!

YOU were a tom boy through and through.  There wasn't a fishing trip you would forgo, a tree you wouldn't climb, a frog you wouldn't find or a boy you wouldn't race. 

But then there were times I could turn you back into a little lady and we would enjoy a tea party or two....

When you became a big sister, you thought that she was only yours, a little doll.  I loved to watch the two of you playing together when you were little.  You will one day become best friends,
I am sure.
You embraced growing up and couldn't wait to become one of the big kids. 
Braces came and went, glasses turned into contacts! 

 What a pretty smile!  Jr. high was a breeze and high school is a blast for you.  I'm so happy you are making some wonderful memories and have been blessed with some great friends to make them with!

You once again became a big sister to your baby brother and I adore the way you are with him.  I see the patience you have with him and the way you protect him. 

I think you will make an excellent teacher someday, if you stick to your dreams because you know you are capable of anything you set you mind to. 

Soon you will be in a car driving around with my  heart inside.  It is hard to explain but it is true that when you have children your heart is walking outside of your body for the rest of your days. I know that you find it silly when I tell you this, you will understand one day.  Please take care of that heart because it is so hard to let go sometimes. 

I know you have big plans my girl and I hope and pray all your dreams come trueBut most of all I wish you happiness in finding those dreams and all your days.  You will fly someday and I will always be here.

Happy 16th Birthday Sweetheart and many, many, many more. 
You have always been a gift to us and I love you child, to the moon and back....
forever and ever--always.

Take care,


  1. Happy Birthday to Cassidy! This is such a heart-warming post.

  2. What a great tribute to your daughter..Parenting is such a joy..My girls are 32 and 28 and believe me it feels like yesterday when they were 16..Enjoy every minute of it because it goes by so fast..

  3. Congratulations and Happy Birthday...what a beautiful testimony to yourselves and to your birthday girl. God Bless! Emelia

  4. Happy Birthday to your Sweet 16 year old! What a heart touching post! How many times did you cry while writing this? :o)

  5. she is a beautiful girl..I love her smile...tell her happy birthday..a saying we had when we were 16..sweet 16 and never been kissed..just slobbered on a lot..lol...have a good week..I miss your entrys.;)

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter! What precious pictures and memories, and a heartfelt tribute. So sweet! -Tammy

  7. What a lovely post :) Happy Birthday to your daughter! ♥

  8. Your post brought tears to my eyes. It was lovely! I wish your daughter a very happy birthday! I hope she has a great day! God bless!

  9. What a tribute to a special little lady!!! Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!
    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!

    Love your beautiful blog!
    at Prairie Flower

  10. Oh my, what a sweet and wonderful post. Your daughter is truly blessed with a mom who can express the love in her heart so well. Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl!

  11. I'm a few months late on well wishes, but Happy Birthday to your daughter. My own birthday is April 21st and I hit a milestone of my own this year. Yeah 30!

    I was moved to respond to this post because of your description of the conflict you feel over your children growing up. My little girl just turned two Sept 30th, and as silly as it sounds to some people, I actually cried a little and experienced a little aching in my heart. I look at her now and see very little "baby" left. She grows more independent every day and as proud as it makes a mother, there's also a touch of sadness as you know you're leaving behind a stage of life forever. I can't even imagine 16! But your daughter is lovely and your post to her was very sweet and caring. I can only hope my daughter and I will have the same sort of relationship as she grows up.


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