Sunday, March 7, 2010

No more nonsense....

Thank you all for your sweet and up lifting comments regarding my last post!  I hated to share bad news and sincerely want my blog to be a happy place for you all to come.  In reality though,  I did decide when I started this blog that I would be real and just like in a real life diary (be it online or written in a little book with a lock) it is going to get hit with a few bad entries even if we don't like it.  Such is life!

I have to tell you all that my laptop is in a bad state of repair as well right now, but we are so not even going to talk about that!  I have been unable to update my blog or check in on all of your cute blog posts (:o(  .  I think that the storm is over and we are working on repairing everything.  Thanks again for your supportful words and reminders that there worse things in life than a dishwasher not cleaning your dishes! For those of you who are on a twisting and uncertain path right now....dealing with way more than breaking are in my thoughts and prayers.

So enough of all of that!
On to better things.....

Well the sunshine has come out in my neck of the woods and  the weather reached 50 degrees today! Yippeeee, come on spring! I am keeping a sense of humor about my dishpan hands and lack of computer, I am keeping busy with other things.  I have started my spring cleaning and have been working on a few cute signs to add to the online shop.  Easter decorating in underway and I have lots of pictures to share when I am fully functioning once again! 

Here's some of what I was able to paint while away...

Those are listed in the Mercantile now...and I have even more to come.  I still have to add the details but a kind friend is letting me use her computer until mine are fixed! 

I hope that you all have a little sunshine
in your neck of the woods and
are feeling refreshed and ready for Spring.  

Take care and I will be back soon!


  1. I've got to get some spring cleaning done before I bring out any Easter decor. Your signs look great!

  2. Hey There Dee, glad to hear that things are looking up for know I was watching oprah years ago and this was in probably 98 sometime...they were talking about things to be thankful for..and one stuck in my mind and still does about doing dishes by hand and the person wrote in that they were thankful for doing dishes cause it meant they had food on the table, therefore dishes to wash...well we moved to Italy for 3 years and they don't have dishwashers..and they go through a lot of plates for each course...I thought I was going to die doing all those know in those 3 years it never bothered me once..and it still doesn't (don't get me wrong..I love having my modern conveniences)..but there is something soothing about doing dishes and thinking about what I am thankful for..Now the vacuum cleaner is another your signs..and I am I glad you are back on line..cause I love stopping by here for your storys and your pictures..Have a wonderful Sunday...:>)

  3. I have a Mercantile visit to make....oh, dear. I'm a goner for your signs, sister! I am so glad you're back on the "mend" along with your modern conveniences but look at all you accomplished!

  4. Hi Dee, Happy Sunday, glad to see your great post.Hope your computer gets "well" soon.Love your beautiful signs and looking forward to Easter mercantile also. Take care,Emelia.

  5. Hi--
    Hopped over from Mimi's blog.
    Your blog is so cute! Sometimes we just have to get real because that IS life. The beauty of blogging and reading is the we don't have to read what we don't want to--and we can write whatever we want to becasuse it is our blog.
    Good Luck with your computer issue.


  6. ~Hey There Lady~
    I have been thinking about you and been checking in on ya'. ;) I'm glad that things are getting back to "normal" for you. Whatever normal is. ha!It is okay to complain this is your blog after all. You are a hoot and keep me laughing. Good to see a new post....keep them coming and I can't wait to see your Easter Decor. Your signs are adorable. I may have to sneek in and snatch me a few. ;) ~Have a Blessed Day My Dear~ Hugs,Nicole from Cedar Creek TX

  7. Dee dear,

    Long as YOU'RE not broken.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  8. I just found your blog and love it. It is so crisp and clean and country. I am glad. Florence

  9. Hey Dee! Hope things are getting better for you by now. Love all the signs. And I agree with what Sharon Lovejoy said!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Hey Dee,
    Popping over from GP site. I love the painted signs. Very cool! You have a beautiful blog that's full of inspiration.


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